Monday, November 28

The Swiss army prohibits its soldiers from using WhatsApp in the line of duty

  • The alternative is Threena, since with this service you can speak anonymously and it is not subject to the Law of the Cloud

The Swiss Army has forbidden his soldiers to use Whatsapp to communicate while they are on duty and have offered them in exchange the possibility of using the local alternative Threema, considered Safer regarding data protection.

Why Threema?

This messaging service has several advantages, such as that it can be used anonymously, comply with the European Data Protection Regulation and is subject to the Swiss jurisprudence, as explained by Swiss military sources cited by national television RTS. Also, unlike WhatsApp, Threema not subject to the US Cloud Law (Cloud Act), which allows North American authorities to access data stored on the internet if security reasons are alleged.

According to the spokesman for the Swiss Army Stefan Hofer, “This need for security for the troops has developed in particular during the fight against the coronavirus.”

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However, using Threema will cost the army four Swiss francs per year for each soldier user, which is equivalent to 3.8 euros.

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