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The spectacular Bloodborne demake is now ready to debut, says its creator | Levelup

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Since its original launch in 2015, Bloodborne He managed to conquer the hearts of millions of players thanks to his addictive gameplay and his mystery full of mystery. While many gamers want to see a PlayStation 5 remake or a PC port, one extremely talented fan looked in a totally opposite direction.

At the beginning of 2021 we told you about the case of Lillith Waalther, an independent developer who works on a demake of Bloodborne. Specifically, the project seeks to transfer the action and setting of the From Software video game to the era of the first PlayStation.

Over the months we have seen several videos that let us see what the project looks like in action, so we have already witnessed its 32-bit graphics and playability that remind us of the games that debuted in the late 90s. Luckily, and after a long wait, players who want to try this demake will be able to do so very soon, as its creator reaffirmed that it is now ready to debut.

This is what the Bloodborne demake looks like

Specifically, Lillith Waalther confirmed that the game will be available from January 31, although she did not reveal how it will be distributed or how it will be possible to get it. Likewise, it showed new videos with gameplay that lets us see the fight against Father Gascoigne, the Hunter’s Dream and other sections of the adventure.

Finally, the independent developer confirmed that the project only covers until the fight against Father Gascoigne, although it assured that there will also be additional content. Either way, recreating the beginning of the game is an extremely impressive feat and worthy of being applauded.

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But tell us, are you planning to give this demake of Bloodborne? Let us read you in the comments.

Bloodborne is available for PS4 and PS5 via Backward Compatibility. Follow this link to read more news
related to him.

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