Sunday, December 4

Stage 4 of the Dakar Rally, live

El Dakar Rally lives stage 4, the longest. Sainz opens the track in cars and Rodrigues, in motorcycles.

6:09: Sanders goes to sack

Sanders, already at km 80 and with more income: He takes 1:58 to Klein, who goes with Price and Rodrigues opening the track. Note that something happens with Howes, whose time does not come out. It’s 4th overall at 3:55

6:06: Van Beveren, la ilusin gala

The hope of the French in motorcycles

6:02: Barreda starts

Joan, in an excellent position for an attack that goes to him: also today there is a lot of fast track

5:57: Sale Santolino

Sherco’s comes out on the 20th and to maintain, at least, the 6th of the general

5:53: Brabec can with Sanders

The Honda reaches km 40 and with a 15-second advantage over Daniel

5:50: Sanders already commands

A few, already at the first crossing point. The ocean takes 31 seconds from Klein.

5:39: Carlos Checa’s problems

Volc, they took him to the bivouac and he doesn’t know if he comes out today. This is how he says: “Well, unfortunately this is also the Dakar … We have overturned in the first kilometers of the stage. I was going at a very good pace, I felt very comfortable and I kept pushing …. After the rollover We have seen that we cannot go on because the damage was irreparable on the ground, so they had to tow us to the camp. It is undoubtedly a very hard blow because we were doing a good race, but this is one of the risks of a test like the Dakar and we assumed it from the moment we decided to come to race. Back at the camp, while we were being towed, I have given many thought to how to have avoided the incident, but this is no longer useful. We have to assume it and look forward”.

5:36: Dawn that is not little

Beautiful sunrise

5:31: Price with the roadmap

To study

5:20: The motorcycles leave

The winner yesterday, Rodrigues, opens the track

It is disputed on the fourth day of the Rally Dakar, between Al Qasiumah and Riyadh, with 464 timed kilometers in what to be longest special of this edition. Normally in the long stages navigation plays a more secondary role and speed comes into play, which can be a good day for the faster and more courageous riders to shine. The scene changes slightly since the sandy tracks will be a minority in the stage and the land will take center stage, as well as the first step through a dry lake. There will be, so as not to lose the habit, some dunes, but they will be only 12% of the total route. The information provided by the organization speaks of areas with different rhythms, with large plains at the beginning, parts of complicated navigation later, dune ridges and more technical areas with dry rivers.

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