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Square Enix increases the value of its shares on the stock market after its plea in favor of the NFTs

Yosuke Matsuda, President of Square Enix, recently signed a letter congratulating the new year and, incidentally, talking about the future plans of the company that he presides. In that statement, he highlighted the role that, according to him, the NFT (non-fungible tokens, in Spanish) and the blockchain in the video game world. As happened with other companies, such as Ubisoft or Electronic Arts, these statements were followed by great controversy, although it seems that they have not affected the Square Enix stock valuation, which has seen its share price rise.

As collected in Bloomberg, Square Enix’s stock price rose 8% on the first day that the Tokyo Stock Exchange has been active since the publication of Matsuda’s letter. According to this specialized medium, the president’s words about the NFTs, the blockchain and the metaverso They will be responsible for this increase; Regardless of whether it is or not, the truth is that it is the largest rise that Square Enix shares have experienced in a single day since August of last year.

In the letter, the president of the company said things like that traditional video games had not generated interest in people who play productively: “I know that some people ‘play for fun’ and that the current majority of players have shown their reservations. towards this trend, and it is understandable. I think there are a number of people whose motivation is to ‘play to contribute’, which I think makes the game more exciting. The traditional game has not given an explicit incentive to this group of players, “it can be read.

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Industry and NFTs

The video game industry is witnessing a time of change with respect to NFTs that requires a positioning of large companies such as Steam, that does not allow this type of technology on its platform, or Xbox, which has already shown its rejection of the introduction of blockchain in video games. Even those responsible for STALKER 2, who tried to create NFT for their project, ended up dismissing the idea due to critics.

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