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Splitgate is a success on PlayStation after debut of Halo Infinite | Levelup

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The stumbling block of traditional FPS in today’s age, tell yourself Call of Duty Y Battlefield, It was the ideal opportunity for other types of proposals to attract the attention of the players. One of the beneficiaries was Halo Infinite, the new jewel of Xbox and its influence has been such that it has promoted other types of games, such as Splitgate 1047 Games FPS that combines Arena-type combat with teleportation mechanics from Portal, which has seen an increase in the number of players on PlayStation following the debut of the most recent installment of Halo.

Halo Infinite drove the success of Splitgate in the last months of 2021

During an interview with Wccftech, Ian Proulx, Co-Founder and CEO of 1047 Games, revealed that the game has been more successful after the release of Halo Infinite, in what seems like a great time for Arena shooter. In this sense, the manager highlighted the good reception it has had Splitgate in recent months thanks to the influence of Halo Infinite: “I’m happy that Halo Infinite has come out. I honestly think that in the long run Halo Infinite Y Splitgate they will help each other. I think there are so many proposals and so many Battle Royale right now, and these 2 games are taking people to the Arena shooter genre. You know, there are a lot of young players who have never played Halo, and many others who have never played Quake The Unreal Tournament. They’ve just never played this kind of game and exposing them to that I think is a good thing for the genre as a whole. “

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Video: Splitgate – Season 0 Trailer | Gamescom 2021

Splitgate appreciates the push, but seeks to form its own identity

Subsequently, Proulx noted that he feels that the Splitgate are motivated by their recent success but also seek to form an identity regarding Halo: “One of the things we really want to do is establish our own art style. I think the art style of Splitgate is largely ‘Halo find Portal‘, and so is the brand. For a small indie game with no marketing budget, that was incredibly effective – it was just a very succinct way to get people interested, but that’s not what we want to be. We want to establish something where you look at it, and know what it is Splitgate and not just a fairly well executed game in the style Halo“.

Splitgate is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but you can also enjoy it on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

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