Sunday, December 4

Samsung Introduces 4K 240Hz Gaming Monitor

Samsung unveils the first Odyssey Neo G8 4K 240hz gaming monitor two days before the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show.

Although some of the major industry players have pulled out amid concerns about the ongoing pandemic, the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show is set to continue mostly as planned with hundreds of product showings and tens of thousands of expected attendees. to attend. Samsung, a notable company confirmed for the show, is making no effort, debuting the next release on its Odyssey Neo line of gaming monitors two days before the convention launch.

Billed as the world’s first 4K 240hz gaming monitor, the Odyssey Neo G8 appears to be a smaller, sleeker redesign of the massive super ultra-wide Odyssey Neo G9 model. Seemingly a perfect fit for those looking to play in flawless 4K, Samsung’s monitor will feature a 1000R curved screen on a 32-inch panel, a marked discrepancy compared to the huge 49-inch panel on the Odyssey Neo G9.

Many tech enthusiasts felt that Samsung’s Odyssey Neo G9 didn’t include particularly impressive HDR capabilities, and the company claims to be rectifying this with what’s called “Samsung HDR 2000,” a new technology that apparently allows for the same Quantum Mini setup. LED seen on the G9. to produce with a fixed contrast ratio of 1,000: 000, the highest in the industry. Probably to produce the brightest highlights and blackest blacks of any high-end monitor on the market, this could be a noticeable improvement over recent top-of-the-line options.

The monitor will also come equipped with Samsung’s Smart Monitor M8 technology, a USB-C port and a rear LED panel capable of reacting dynamically to what is displayed on the screen. Some of the product’s extra bells and whistles may seem unnecessary, but add-on features are expected in projected monitors to land somewhere in the $ 1,500 range, depending on the model. The G8’s slightly smaller form factor may save some of Samsung’s previous production expenses, but the Odyssey Neo G8 will go for premium prices.

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Current supply chain problems in North America and elsewhere can also wreak havoc on those who look at the latest and greatest from Samsung. The production and distribution of PC parts and peripherals has been drastically hampered by unfortunate global circumstances over the past two years, and if these problems persist, it will be very difficult to locate both the monitor and the hardware needed to make optimal use of it. in 2022. The same could be said for those looking to get the most out of their 4K-capable PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, as gamers who wish to play on specialized monitors may be asked to repeat the stress of securing their system. ninth generation. of choice.

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