Wednesday, December 7

Quake Classic confirmed for iPhone

If there’s one thing that can be said about John Carmack, it’s that he’s an interesting read, to say the least. On October 30, id Software finally released the iPhone version of Doom Classic. For $ 6.99, players get 36 levels of classic hell goodness from all four original episodes: Knee deep in the dead, Shores of Hell, Hell, Y Your flesh consumed. The game even offers deathmatches and cooperative play for up to four players via “wireless internet.”

Once the game finally passed by the infamous Apple mad scientists stationed in the App Store, Carmack posted an overview of the development of the iPhone remake, talking about putting the project aside to work on Doom 4 (!) and Rage, or how id software decided to put the game aside so it wouldn’t collide with Doom Resurrection. It even goes into the whole network thing, revealing how 3G was disappointing and generally brought about 360 ms ping times despite its “speed.”

But somewhere in that plethora of gaming goodies, Carmack revealed that the company is indeed working on Quake Classic for iPhone. “We have two people at Id who will be doing the iPhone work,” he said. “I doubt that I will personally be able to open Xcode again for a few months, but I plan to try and create a good touch interface for Quake Classic and later 6DOF games.”

Carmack also said that there may be a free technical demo using the company’s idTech 5 mega-texture content creation channel, and also mentions the Rage-themed game in its update. “I’m not sure what game I would like to make with it, so it could be a free 500MB gee-whiz app,” he said, referring to the idTech 5 demo. “I want to work on a Rage-themed game so that coincides with the release of Rage, but we don’t have a firm leadership or team chosen for it. I was really excited to make a really designed first person shooter for iPhone, but at this point I’m sure I don’t have the time for it. “

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Quake… my favorite game of all time! -kp

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