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One by one from Real Madrid: Camavinga has ‘pintza’

THEnce de plenas garantas del Real Madrid to visit El Collao, scene last season of a resounding elimination of the white club from the Copa del Rey before him Alcoyano. Despite the absences for various reasons of several key players (they rest Courtois, Modric y Benzema, among others), Ancelotti He arranged a line-up whose first objective was to avoid a repeat of an embarrassment like last season. Two players, Lunin and Camavinga, contributed to this above the rest of their teammates. The goalkeeper retaliated for the defeat of a year ago, his first and until today his last game in white, and the former Rennes player was by far the best of the game, with command in the square, criteria and arrival and football until he was changed by Kroos. In the final line. It seems that Madrid was also successful with the signing of the very young French footballer.


Much threat from the beginning for the Ukrainian, who did not keep a good memory of El Collao. But it was firm. He produced a good pair of fists on a ball with a lot of poison. And great action to a distant shot with treacherous boat. He supported a Madrid that at times was dominated. He was gaining confidence as the minutes passed, but he could not do anything in the shot to the Mecca squad for 1-1. Slashes, but does not fade. Despite this, Andrey’s remarkable performance.


The boy for everything, this time on the right back, a position that is choking Madrid this season. You cannot say anything negative about his party, but neither can you say the opposite.


Inaccurate start in the displacements, but it is still illuminated in El Collao: he scored last season and repeated in this, in the same minute and in the same goalkeeper. This time he hit the shot, which on other occasions he has not directed correctly. Grew up, he was animated into a brilliant action in which he threw two chaos. And from another long send, the play of 1-2 was born. More and more chieftain.


He gave the scare after suffering a hard tackle in a defensive action in the 16th minute. It seemed reckless to put him in the eleven because he has been suffering from knee discomfort for a while. He encouraged himself a couple of times from long distance, but he was not as accurate as at the Camp Nou.


Second consecutive game for the captain, something that has not happened in a long time. Its offensive deficiencies are increasingly visible. In attack he was barely seen. And he was not in the right place in the play of the Alcoyano goal, in which he had to go out to close Alaba before his ‘disappearance’.


Once again the anchor man of the team, but with very little weight in construction tasks. It continues to be seen as something slow, as lacking in freshness, it can be physical or mental. Portrayed in the action of the local goal.


Invisible at the start of the game, a condition that he did not abandon as the minutes passed. As if the thing were not with him, something very strange in the Uruguayan, who always brings at least character. Very cold


He put his providential head in to avoid Alcoyano’s goal … in minute 3. He took the helm of the team in the absence of Kroos, and he was seen loose and with confidence. He plays with discretion and has a very good footing. Repeated timely cut at the edge of half an hour. The most drinkable in Madrid both in the first act and in the second. In addition, he approached the goal on several occasions, thanks to his powerful physique. Every time he has minutes he shows that he can be an important player in the future of Madrid, perhaps even in the present.


He had a couple of good kicks in the first few minutes. He had Madrid’s best chance before the goal with a cross shot. He put the ball from the left corner for Militao’s goal. Little more.


Pure ‘9’, but without the slightest touch with the ball. With the ball at the feet it does not contribute anything. Injured in Madrid’s first offensive action after the break. Again.


A match in his favorite position, in the umpteenth search for his best version. It seems that little by little he is daring more, but he continues to show serious problems to overflow. It moved freely, but it is far from what it was. Perhaps the context was not the most appropriate, but he has been accumulating a good amount of minutes for some games and there is hardly anything of the pre-Meunier Hazard.


Recruited after Mariano’s injury. He had barely appeared until the auction, with great luck, which was 1-2. Because the Balearic Islands have always had one thing: goal. Maybe other things are attributable to him, but not so.


He went out in search of more control when the game looked ugly for Madrid. The ‘Kroos effect’ was immediate, because with him in the field, Madrid turned to a delicate situation, which at times seemed too similar to last season.


The first ball he touched, in a rather gruesome play, ended up in the net to close the game, although the last to touch was Jos Juan, the local goalkeeper. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to do you much good in changing a delicate situation.

Carlo Ancelotti

I opted for a powerful eleven, despite the losses, with the Militao-Alaba-Casemiro triangle to give consistency to the team. He ordered the ball to Camavinga ahead of the Brazilian. He trusted Hazard again, seeking his best location. He remained faithful to 4-3-3, although the changes in the wings left the team with little threat from the wings. He appealed to the quality of his team and it was imposed with some more haste than expected.


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