Saturday, December 3

Never seen before: Jaume got on his knees … on a penalty

DThey say that in football everything is invented, but there is always something that surprises. This time it was Jaume domenech the one that left everyone with their mouths open in Cartagonova. The goalkeeper, who usually uses distraction maneuvers usually when he is about to try to stop a penalty, he curled the loop.

When Ortuño, Cartagena player climbed at eleven meters, after the penalty committed by Jesús Vázquez, Jaume got on his knees and spread his arms ….. yes, on his knees. The goalkeeper lost all momentum, but it generated uncertainty.

Despite the ruse of Jaume, a starter in the King’s Cup, the Cartagena player did not hesitate and placed the ball in the squad. It is not the first time that Jaume does ‘strange’ things before being thrown a penalty. Has been hung from the crossbar several times on other occasions or it has been placed on one side of the goal in an exaggerated way. This time it did not serve him, but the image on everyone’s retina.

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