Saturday, December 3

Naughty Dog confirms it’s working on ‘multiple video game projects’

Neil Druckmann, Naughty Dog co-chairman, has confirmed that they work on multiple video game projects. It has done so in the framework of CES 2022, an event in which Sony has presented new features of PlayStation VR 2 for PS5, as well as its first exclusive video game. The studio responsible for The Last of Us Y Uncharted has not gone into any further details about his future plans, but now we know that They do not have a single project in development, but several.

What are Naughty Dog’s multiple projects?

“We can’t wait to share with you the multiple video game projects that we have in the oven at Naughty Dog,” Druckmann assured without specifying how many titles they have underway or what exactly they are. We can imagine some of them, such as the multiplayer from The Last of us Parte II, Factions, which is still in development and about which we hardly know anything. There have also been rumors that they might be working on a remake Of the first The Last of Us, or at least that was hinted at in a job offer from the PlayStation itself.

Another thing we also know almost for sure is that one of those projects will be PS5 exclusive. Not only because the production times make it clear, that too, but because Neil Druckmann himself shared a job offer in which he mentioned that they are working on something “very cool” for the new generation of Sony consoles.

If we look forward to the new projects of this company it is because in its last game, The Last of Us Parte II, I set the bar really high. As we said in our analysis, “with few studies within the industry that can go so far as to offer such a level of excellence in all respects, Naughty Dog once again surpasses itself with a memorable adventure that any player should try. “

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