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Marcus Lehto, Master Chief’s Original Designer, Shares His Take on Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite, the last main installment developed by 343 Industries of the science fiction saga, manages to conquer the heart of Marcus Lehto, neither more nor less than the original designer of the Master Chief or Master Chief and one of the main creatives of the franchise created by Bungie. According to the creative through Twitter, he has been greatly enjoying the experience offered by the campaign mode during the Christmas holidays, to the point that he considers that Infinite “recover the magic of Halo even though it has some minor flaws.

“Hats off to my friends at 343 Industries. Halo Infinite recover the magic of Halo. I’m really enjoying my reunion with the Master Chief!“Lehto comments enthusiastically. However, despite the praise, the creative mentions in a second tweet some small aspects that have not finished convincing him. “I am having a hard time understanding the priorities of the objectives on the map of Halo Infinite. Is it a common problem or an OK Boomer problem? “, Lehto explains with a joking tone accompanied by a sympathetic smiley.

Marcus Lehto’s career in the Halo saga

Of course, these are statements to take into account because the developer was art director and co-creator of the universe of Halo from its first installment to the sequels of Bungie before his departure to found his own studio called V1 Interactive, which unfortunately closed its doors in March of last year. Lehto is currently the director of an Electronic Arts studio and we hope he can bring us amazing experiences like Halo going forward. Back to Halo Infinite, do not forget to take a look at our complete guide full of tips, tricks and secrets to squeeze all the juice out of your campaign mode.

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