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López Peña: Córdoba’s prison population doubled | Politics | The voice of the interior

The president of the Superior Court of Justice (TSJ), Sebastián López Peña, was in Voice and vote, the political program of La Voz and responding to the popular belief that in Justice “there is a revolving door”, he said that on the contrary in Córdoba “The prison population doubled.”

“The prison population has doubled in the last 10 years,” he said, noting that this data contradicts the idea of ​​a “revolving door” for crime.

He also pointed out that “a third of the prison population has to do with causes related to family violence.”

“In the province the prison population is 11 thousand inmates,” he said.

Sebastián López Peña: We are different from Comodoro Py

On the other hand, who heads the government of the Justice of Córdoba expressed that the judges must “give explanations for their rulings” since the idea that they speak for their resolutions no longer runs. In addition, he opined that there are differences in each of the judicial powers of each jurisdiction and that the causes that are most mediated end up influencing the general idea of ​​Justice.

In that sense, he said: “we are different from Comodoro Py”. He recognized that the future of the federal court cases in Buenos Aires have an impact on the idea of ​​Justice that exists in Argentina.

In another part of the interview, he expressed his opinion on the functioning of the anti-corruption jurisdiction and stated that many causes “are politicized” and that it would be necessary to review cause by cause to see if the jurisdiction had a good or bad performance.

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Meanwhile, when asked about his relationship with political power, López Peña assured that “there is no personal dialogue with the governor” Juan Schiaretti, but there is “a good institutional dialogue” with the portfolios linked to Justice.

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