Friday, December 2

Krampus is wreaking havoc in Warzone and the community is torn apart.

If you have jumped to Call of Duty Vanguard o Warzone in the last few days, you will inevitably have run into Krampus. This winter terror has been causing confusion in multiplayer game modes in both games, chasing players and beating them to pulp until they die or the player manages to reduce Krampus’ health.

Obviously this is just a fun addition to the holiday season event, adding a level of uncertainty and panic to your daily grind of Gun XP or Warzone games with your squad of friends. However, Krampus has opened a chasm within the community. Is Krampus a mad adversary meant to keep you on your toes? Or is it the great spoiler of Warzone’s victories?

Let’s start with the negative perspective, as this seems to be the position that the vocal part of the community is taking. The main source of frustration comes from the appearance of Krampus in all game modes. This means that if you’re really trying to win a tense game of Warzone solos, you might be notified that the big man is on his way.

When it finds you, it is incredibly difficult to get rid of! Krampus will follow you for several minutes at a time, teleporting to your side and roaring loudly so that all other nearby players can hear that your hands are currently full. If you try to fight him, he’ll take a huge amount of damage to take him down, and your shots will make it even easier for people to figure out exactly where you are.

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The community has tried everything. Kali duels with Krampus leave you overcome and beaten. Trying to escape with a vehicle is a good idea, just be careful not to touch it otherwise, it will be deactivated immediately. As it is, your best bet is to simply run until Krampus loses interest.

All that said, the presence of Krampus in Caldera has brought something really funny moments to the real battle. While the frustration of competitive gamers is understandable, those of us who play to laugh more than to win are getting a lot of content from the furry hunter.

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Activision Blizzard, the publisher of Call of Duty: Warzone, is currently in the middle of a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by the state of California. As a result of problems discovered at the company, staff have tried organizing efforts. The latest update to which is an email from an executive discouraging these efforts.

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