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Justin Wong suffers again in Street Fighter the ‘EVO Moment 37’ 18 years later

Justin Wong has been defeated again in the same way as Diego Umehara He did it before more than a hundred spectators at EVO 2004. The Evo Moment 37 has become a e-sports mythical moment and video game culture in general, but Wong probably did not think he would suffer it again, this time, in front of several hundred viewers in su canal de Twitch.

For those who do not know the story, the Evo Moment 37, a viral video that has amassed more than 100 million views on YouTube, it was produced in the 2004 Evolution Championship Series. Wong and Umehara faced each other in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike driving to Chun-Li y Ken respectively.

The Japanese was before the ropes, with the life bar barely visible, and at that moment Wong uses Critical Art Chun-Li, a movement that launches 15 successive kicks at full speed. Umehara managed to block all and each one of them, for which millimeter precision is required, and ended up winning in a spectacular counterattack that made the spectators jump out of their chairs.

It is January 4, the situation was repeated, they report from Kotaku. In part at least. In a game broadcast on Twitch against a Japanese player named Capge (his real name is unknown), and again in a confrontation between Chun-Li and Ken, Wong launches the Critical Art. “Do you think you are Daigo? You are not Daigo”he says at the same time, for the opposing Ken was practically defeated. And then the opponent began to block.

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“I can’t believe it. This could be Daigo.”

“Oh, it’s Daigo! He’s Daigo!”he said dumbfounded shortly after. After the match (which he ended up winning despite losing the first round like this), he added: “Un, this was not scripted. This was not scripted. He has made me a Daigo“. Later in the streaming He said: “This is crazy, man. I can’t believe it. This could be Daigo.”

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