Wednesday, October 5

It is a mortal sin to doubt Asensio

Last year’s defeat floated back into the air. The game had all the earmarks of being identical to the previous one. I repeated Militao with a goal near the break and Alcoyano tied in the second half. A copy, as I say. Even Madrid also seemed the same. I mean the same last year and Sunday in Getafe, that is, an unknown Madrid. I did not see the way to enter with clarity

identity in the Alcoyano area, to the point that Militao’s goal (also from the head, like that other one) came in a corner.

Total, that Madrid returned to give a poor image

. It has been two games that why the rush, what would a true man say. The fact is that the tragedy was chewed up for another year. Alcoyano recovered their morale after Vega’s great goal and Madrid continued to be stunned.


He participated in the game and asked the partner for the ball, that is, he did not hide, but he did not make a difference either. Not at least the ones that Madrid needed. Either


, injured already


, created the least danger.

And then it came


Let’s see, how can you question a player like Asensio? He had to be the one to get Madrid out of the quagmire. It is true that his shot was deflected by a Alcoyano player, but it is clear that to score goals you have to shoot on goal. Y


He does it with some frequency … when they leave him. He is one of the few players in this Madrid that makes a difference, in terms of offensive play.

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He has always been one of the highest scoring midfielders in European football

. In short, it is a mortal sin to be questioned. From his goal, everything was different now.

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