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It can not be easier! PlayStation patent proposes the ultimate help | Levelup

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Old-guard players may have experienced real moments of terror and frustration with various games of yesteryear, however, the passage of time has made this type of proposal an issue to consider in terms of the player experience and is currently seeks to reduce user frustration. While there are still games that bet on difficulty, such as FromSoftware, however, the horizon could reveal help proposals to a new level, at least on the part of PlayStation.

Can’t handle a game? PlayStation will tell you what to do

According to a record made in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (via VGC) on December 30, 2021, PlayStation has the idea of ​​offering a different kind of help for the users of its consoles and services. According to the description of the patent, called “Systems and methods to advise a user while playing”, PlayStation proposes a support system that identifies when the player is in difficulties that complicate their progress in the game, something that it defines as “falling below a skill threshold. “

If this situation arises, the system proposed by PlayStation will come into play through audiovisual content that will tell the player what to do. This can happen with audio messages that will tell the user the next step or with text messages on the screen that will do the same. According to the description, the idea of ​​PlayStation is to further decrease the frustration of players when faced with new titles or in which they have no skill for one reason or another.

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It should be noted that this is a patent and may or may not become a reality in the end. In fact, PlayStation had already given something to talk about a long time ago with something similar, a patent that bet on the use of artificial intelligence so that, literally, the game was played only while the user did other things.

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