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Is Poppy Playtime the new Five Nights at Freddy’s?

While Poppy Playtime features its own unique horror, it shares many similarities to FANAF, such as the vent chase, scare jumps, and videotaped audio.

Survival horror game Poppy playtime has hooked many fans with a spooky environment and gameplay that is very reminiscent of Five nights at Freddy’s. Poppy playtime It quickly gained popularity when it released Chapter 1 of the story in October. With its resemblance to FNAF in toy-like things that come to life, and with FNAF taking a different course with a new developer and how your version of FNAF: Security Breach compares with previous games, Poppy playtime looks like it might as well be the new Five nights at Freddy’s. Poppy playtime seems to be on the same path as Five nights at Freddy’s with Ventilation chases, videotaped audio, and startles.

Poppy playtime is the first release of a game from developer MOB Games. A trailer for chapter two was released on October 30, 2021, and the indie developer plans to release more of the game in early 2022. The latest episode of Poppy playtime left the players hanging after opening Poppy’s case.

In an abandoned toy factory, the player takes on the role of a former Playtime Co. employee as the player explores the empty factory to find out what happened to him. Poppy Playtime’s employees, the Huggy Wuggy toy quickly comes to life. With a terrifying face as he stands over nine feet tall, Huggy Wuggy begins to stalk the player throughout the game.

Poppy Playtime VHS tapes resemble FNAF phone calls

Since the beginning of the franchise, Five nights at Freddy’s he has used sarcastic humor in all his games. Phone calls and mocking cartoon scenes are a hallmark of the FNAF humor. Poppy playtime adds a similar lightness when an old VHS tape is found and the player is sarcastically told that it is trespassing. Game methods similar to FNAF, like VHS tapes, are also used in Poppy playtime. The player can find a variety of these tapes scattered around the factory, allowing him to uncover clues as to what may have happened before their arrival. If a player can find all the VHS tapes in Poppy playtime, things begin to clear up.

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Huggy Wuggy from Poppy Playtime chases the player through the vents

Another thing that feels repurposed from FNAF is chasing ventilation. In Poppy playtime Huggy Wuggy chases the player through the facility’s vents, creating a creepy chase in the dark. FNAF builds much of their game on animatronics that crawl through vents to get to the player, and though the idea is made different through the player’s increased movement and agency in Poppy playtime the idea remains thematically very similar.

In the final scene of chapter 1 in Poppy playtime, once the case is open, Poppy uses a voice that sounds like the animatronics in Five nights at Freddy’s. Hearing Poppy’s voice in the dark will definitely call back the creepy FNAF sentiment for many fans, and the suspense created around what Poppy will do in the next chapter is what will likely keep players coming back.

What really establishes Poppy playtime apart from FNAF experience is your puzzle solving mechanic. The Poppy playtime GrabPack Hands are extendable arms that are used throughout the game to distribute electricity, collect items, and move things around the factory. The GrabPack is a different and fun addition to the game, and it does a lot to differentiate the game from its clear inspirations.

Despite the permanent lack of information on Poppy playtime its first chapter has received generally positive reviews. Many game mechanics remind FNAF, but Poppy playtime still has its own unique touch, one that could potentially resonate with players in a way other than FNAF’s ultimate incarnation, and ultimately, it will be up to the players to determine whether Poppy playtime it truly is the new Five nights at Freddy’s.

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