Monday, December 5

Infernax confirms its physical edition • Console and Dashboard

Infernax, game that we met a few months ago, will have a physical edition for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Its distribution in Spain will be handled by Tesura Games, who confirms its date and content.


This two-dimensional proposal will arrive in physical form on February 18. The edition, in addition to including the game itself, will consist of a set of stickers and a small book.

We are facing a bloody action adventure game, marked by decision making. In the midst of a pixelated aesthetic, a gentleman returns to what was once his home, finding it desolate. We will move through a territory victim of magic, discovering the mysteries of the curse.

Every action will have its consequences, trying to destroy corruption. Of course, there will be no shortage of battles against ruthless beasts. The experience gained can be used to gain more mana, life or damage. As we crush the monsters, we will get money, with which to buy weapons and armor that will make us an even stronger hero.

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