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How to equip skydiving emotes in Apex Legends

Skydiving is an essential strategy in Apex Legends. Depending on where you land, you may be in a more favorable position than your enemies. The battle for supremacy can even begin in midair, as teams play chicken as they compete for the hot spot.

However, the default skydivers can get boring after a while. That’s why Respawn introduced skydiving emotes in Season 2, allowing players to customize their experience from the start of the match. New players may be wondering how to equip these rewarding emotes.

In this article, we will tell you all about obtaining and equipping Skydiving emotes in Apex Legends.

How to equip skydiving gestures in Apex Legends?

Skydiving gestures are peculiar among legend-oriented cosmetics. Unlike other customization options like badges, trackers, and pranks, you won’t find the Skydiving emote slot on the pre-game customization screen. This has led some players to speculate on how to equip these items once they get them.

We’ll go over brief instructions for each type of device you can currently play Apex Legends on.

How to equip Skydive Emotes on PC?

Skydiving emotes will be equipped with the legend you have unlocked it in as soon as you get one. You don’t have to go through the process of customizing your legend before the game starts. All you have to do is enter a new match, and the Skydive emote option will be immediately available if you’ve unlocked it for Legend.

If you have unlocked multiple emotes for a legend, you can cycle through them in one game after the previous emote ends.

How to equip Skydive Emotes on PS4?

As in the PC version, it is not necessary to go to the legend menu and equip a skydiving emote. As soon as you unlock one, it will be attached to the corresponding legend. You can start using it in the next match.

The game will equip all skydiving emotes you own for all legends, even if a legend has multiple emotes available. You can go through them in the game.

How to equip Skydive Emotes on Xbox?

Similar to the other console, the Xbox version legend’s customization menu does not feature a selection of skydiving emotes. Your unlocked skydiving gestures are automatically added to the corresponding captions and available for use. You can improve your skydiving in the next match you play.

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Since most of today’s legends have multiple skydiving emotes, the game will equip them as well, allowing you to cycle through the available options.

How to get Apex Legends skydiving emotes?

At the beginning of Season 2, Respawn introduced skydiving emotes for all of the Legends that were available to play at the time. The emotes were packaged in the battle pass of the season, distributed among the 100 levels of the battle pass.

A player needed to purchase the Season 2 Battle Pass and almost complete it to get all Emotes (the Final Emote was a reward for reaching Battle Pass Tier 95).

In later seasons, the developers introduced more skydiving emotes. These were related to purchasing and progressing through a season battle pass, or special events scattered throughout the years. You can find the currently available skydiving emotes by scrolling through the Battle Pass rewards list (by opening the “Season Hub” menu in the upper left).

Skydiving emotes released during events can be purchased for 1,000 Apex Coins (the premium currency) or 800 Crafting Metal, or combined with other items from the same event collection. If you’re buying a bundle, you only have a chance to unlock the skydiving emote, as there are a ton of other cosmetic items that can be in the same slot.

Each new event can bring a new skydiving emote for your favorite legend, so watch out for new events and store sales. Once an event passes, these cosmetics will no longer be available for purchase.

How to use Apex Legends Skydive Emotes?

Once you’ve unlocked a skydiving emote for a legend, it will automatically equip and be ready to go. To use the skydiving emote in game, press the jump button while skydiving. The skip button defaults to “Space” on the keyboard and “A” for controllers. You can also change this setting in the “Settings” menu. The skydiving gesture command is locked with the “jump” command, so you cannot change one without altering the other.

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If you have multiple skydiving emotes for a legend, you can choose which one to play by holding down the emote button and selecting the emote from the radial menu that appears. Alternatively, if you’ve finished one skydiving emote, you can move on to the next one you’ve unlocked (sorted by acquisition date).

You can use skydiving emotes whenever you are skydiving, which can happen in some scenarios:

  • At the start of the match, all players will parachute from the ship. This long skydiving scene can sometimes allow you to play a skydiving gesture more than once, depending on how far you are falling.
  • Climb a jump tower (the zip line connected to a red balloon). When you reach the top, you will start skydiving all the way to the ground.
  • On the World’s Edge map, the geysers around the map act as jump towers (with a slightly shorter rise time). These geysers are scattered all over the map (there are jump towers on the map too), but the most prominent is at the POI (point of interest) called “Geyser”.

Map updates can sometimes add other features that allow players to skydive. The game will also display a message to use the skydive gesture near the bottom center of the screen.

Additional FAQs

How do I activate Skydive Emote in Apex?

You can activate the skydiving emote while skydiving by pressing the “Jump” button. For keyboard + mouse configuration, this is the “Space” button, whereas most controllers use the “A” button instead.

Does Bloodhound have a skydiving gesture?

Bloodhound currently has three skydiving emotes:

• Stoic Stance: Bloodhound flips over in midair and nods to the player. This emote was available as part of the Season 2 Battle Pass.

• Nevermore: Bloodhound spins in the air upside down like a cruelty from the crow circle around him. The gesture was available as part of the item collection for the “System Override” event.

• Crossed Swords: Bloodhound activates his headlights (similar to using his max ability), draws two swords, and performs aerial stunts. This item was available in the “Fight Night” Event Item Collection.

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Some events in future Battle Pass rewards may introduce new Skydiving emotes (or allow you to purchase older ones), so watch out for Store Updates and New Ranked Seasons!

How do you skydive in Apex Legends?

All players will parachute from the initial launch ship to their launch location when the match begins. This extra time allows you to make an initial strategy and explore the positions of your opponents. Now is the time to use skydiving emotes.

Alternatively, use the jump towers (balloons connected via vertical zip lines to the ground), geysers (at World’s Edge), or other map features. For example, the “Mirage Voyage” feature had vents that threw players into a skydive. When using a jump tower, you will only parachute if you reach the top of the zip line.

Your legend will show the skydiving route while skydiving.

How are trails equipped in Apex?

Skydiving trails will appear behind the player during a skydive. Introduced custom skydiving trails with the top ranked league (during Season 2) for the top ranked players (Diamond and Apex Predator). The tradition of handing out skydiving tracks for the best players continued in later seasons. In Season 4, the Master rank was introduced, surpassing Diamond (and making Diamond no longer eligible for Dive Path rewards). In Season 8, dive routes were reintroduced for Diamond players. The color of the dive path depends on the range reached.

To equip a dive route, follow these steps:

1. Open the “Equipment” tab at the top of the main menu.

2. Select “Game Customization” at the bottom.

3. Click on the “Skydive Trails” tab.

4. Right-click on the path you want to equip (controller players must use the “RT” or “shoot” button).

Parachute to victory with gestures

Now you know how to get and equip skydiving emotes in Apex Legends. You can use these short animations to pass some time while dropping longer distances on the map. Just remember to keep an eye out for nearby opponents instead of concentrating on the pretty animations!

What’s your favorite skydiving gesture in Apex Legends? Let us know in the comment section.

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