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How to add a signature to text messages on Android

Using signatures in text messages has been popular since the days of flip phones and QWERTY keyboards, but you may not know how to add signatures to your phone with today’s smartphones. Many apps have removed signatures from recent updates, which can make it difficult to figure out how to enable and set a signature of your choice.

Fortunately, Android is the platform of choice, and it’s easy to choose an app that will allow you to set signatures, display names, include contact information, and more. Let’s take a look at how to add a signature to text messages on Android.

Does my messaging app have signatures?

The popularity of smartphones has largely led to a slow removal of signatures in most messages outside of email, where signatures still help provide context about the person sending you the email. Because most users no longer need signatures in text messages, some manufacturers have concluded that they no longer need to include signatures within the application.

Samsung, for example, began removing the option to add a signature to a message in 2016 with the Galaxy S7 and no longer offers the option within the app’s settings menu. The same goes for Android messages; Google’s default texting app for Project Fi and Pixel devices stopped including the option sometime in 2017.

But just because the default messaging app for your phone doesn’t have the option to add a signature to your phone doesn’t mean you should miss out on text message signatures. Many third-party and proprietary apps still have the ability to add a signature to the end of your text messages.

That honor goes to Textra, a popular third-party alternative from the developer Delicious. With Textra, not only can you customize almost every aspect of the user interface, from the color of the theme to the appearance of the emojis, but you can also use signatures in your SMS messages without any hassle.

In many ways, Textra is like the most customizable version of Android messages, using a similar design and allowing dozens of additional features and settings within the customization menu. We’ve written a lot about the app in other cases, and this one is no different – if you want to use signatures in your text messages on Android, Textra is a great option for communication.

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Using Textra for signatures

Setting up a signature in Textra is easy, and if you’ve used Android Messages before, you’ll probably feel right at home as soon as you launch the app. Once you have downloaded the application from the Play Store here and you have allowed Textra to complete the setup process on your device, you will be greeted with the in-app conversation screen.

In the upper right corner of the screen, you will find the three-dot menu icon to open the context menu in Textra. Touch here, then touch Settings to get access to the full menu.

Once inside the Settings menu in Textra, scroll down the main menu until you find the Shipping category; is the fourth down. Although there are several options in this category, the third selection, “Signatures”, allows you to load the Signatures menu within Textra.

When you first load this menu, you will see a blank screen that does not have a signature to start with. You’ll need to add a signature to your list to get started by tapping the floating action button in the lower-right corner of the screen. This will load an empty box, with which you can enter a new signature in the application.

Once you have entered your signature and hit ‘OK’ in the box, you will see that the blank screen from before now presents two new options. First, you will see a toggle at the top of the box for “Add Signature”, which allows you to enable and disable your signature being added to messages within the app. You can turn it on and off as needed to avoid having to constantly re-enter your signatures after deleting to turn them off.

The second option is the possibility of choosing a firm from the list; You will see that the first signature you made will fill this list on its own for now. To the right of each entry, there is a small three-dot menu icon that allows you to change or delete a particular signature.

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By adding a second signature using the floating action button at the bottom of the screen, you will see why this option exists. Once you’ve added a second signature, you can choose between the two at will by selecting the dot along the left side of the screen.

Once you have finished entering your signature in the menu, you can return to the conversation screen. When opening a thread or a new message box, a slightly different input box will be displayed than usual. Below your text input field, you will find the signature you chose for your text messages below this field. After sending your message, the signature will be automatically added to the end of the text.

There is a caveat, of course. Unlike some older phones from the last decade, Textra likes to add its signature to the right of the message rather than directly below it. You can solve this by pressing enter on your keyboard before sending the message or by pressing enter within your signature before entering it. We recommend doing the latter, as hitting Enter on each message can be quite annoying in general.

However, beyond this little complication, the overall experience is really great, making it easy to add a simple or complex signature to your message. Signatures don’t seem to have a character limit in Textra, or at least they don’t seem to have one that gets in the way of us entering whatever text we want into the field.

Other apps

Textra is far from the only application that has the ability to add signatures to your text messages. Even when other apps, including the Android messages and Samsung messages mentioned above, continue to remove their app’s signature feature, there are always other third-party SMS offers on the Play Store to choose from.

Chomp SMS is an example, although considering it’s an older app from the same developer as Textra, anyone who doesn’t like Textra will probably want to skip this app. Vaya and SMS Pro it still has signature support in its configuration at the time of writing. The themes available to Go SMS users make it one of the most customizable on the market today, even if it’s not as sleek as Textra’s more modern interface. Verizon Messages it is also an option for users looking to use a signature. Although it was not our cup of tea, with 4.6 stars in the Play Store, it is well loved by its users.

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If you are using an SMS app other than one mentioned here, you can dive into the settings for that respective app to see if the signature option is anywhere in the listed settings. Android does not use a global signature option, so if your SMS app has the ability to use signatures, you will find it in each app’s respective settings.

You can also choose to use the shortcut method within your keyboard app. By diving into your keyboard app settings, you can add a shortcut that makes it easy to convert a piece of text into a different word or phrase. For example, you can choose the word “signature” to become your full signature when you type it, so you can choose when it appears and you can add it to your texting application of your choice. This solution is great if you want to stick with the messaging app you already use, but can’t use in-app signatures.

Frequent questions

If you miss the days of text signing but still have questions, don’t worry. We have included this section just for you.

I want to use my default text messaging app. What I can do?

One thing about using third-party apps is that it’s not always about managing your text messages. Fortunately, the Android operating system allows you to customize which application you want to use. All you need to do is set the third-party app you have chosen as the default texting app on your Android device.

Textra will ask you to set it as the default application, or you can go to Settings> Applications> Default applications to enable this change.

So are you still using signatures in your text messages or have you completely moved away from SMS for the newer chat apps? Let us know in the comments below!

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