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Harry Potter: Draco’s best decisions in the chamber of secrets

Draco may be the obvious nemesis in Harry Potter, but that doesn’t mean he made all the bad decisions in sophomore year.

For Harry’s supposed ‘nemesis’, Draco doesn’t really have a major role to play in The Chamber of Secrets. His main role here is to insult Harry’s friends for their poverty or blood status, to be a terrible Seeker, and to provide a usefully suspicious figure for Harry to assume is the heir to Slytherin. Despite the fact that he exists largely just to be a mocking bully, he still manages to make some solid decisions throughout the second installment of the franchise.

Some of these options are only good for him or his house, which makes some sense and is also an important consideration. Just because a decision isn’t positive for Harry doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a bad choice someone else made. Most of these, however, have a surprisingly positive impact on the overall plot of the franchise.

5 Buy your way into the Quidditch team

While this is considered a bad decision, after all Quidditch teams are supposed to be made up of the most skilled students in the game, not the most money, this was actually a pretty solid choice for Draco. Although he is not a particularly good player, his decision to get the entire team the best racing brooms available gives them a huge advantage on the field and a much greater chance of winning the House Cup.

This may have been an underground move, but Draco is a Slytherin, and within that house, this would probably have been seen as a great move, and one that would gain him popularity and status, making him a solid choice for him. support. Harry Potter character.

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4 Conjuring a snake in the dueling club

It’s not entirely clear how Draco knew about the spell that allowed him to conjure a snake to attack Harry in the short-lived Dueling Club (many suspect that Snape whispered it to him), but it was actually a good move, on his part. In the short term, this helped make people suspect that Harry was the Slytherin heir, but in the long term, this was critical to Hermione’s realization.

Harry didn’t tell anyone that he could talk to snakes until this happened, and he probably wouldn’t either. And if Harry hadn’t told Hermione that he could talk to snakes, she would never have realized why he could hear the basilisk but no one else could. Turns out, Draco’s seemingly intimidating move was a big help!

3 Telling ‘Crabbe’ and ‘Goyle’ about the history of the House …

When Harry and Ron took the Polyjuice Potion and tried to get information from Draco about the Chamber of Secrets, they were shocked to find that he was definitely not the heir, but luckily, he decided to repeat to his ‘friends’ everything he knew. . It would have been easy for Draco to refuse to keep repeating himself, but instead, he happily spilled everything he knew in the Slytherin Common Room!

This decision not only gave Ron and Harry the information they needed about Draco himself, it helped them learn more about the Chamber of Secrets and what happened the last time it was opened. This also became an instrument to find out what was going on.

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2 … And the location of his father’s hideout

The other decision Draco made during the polyjuice conversation that turned out to be excellent for Ron and Harry was to reveal the details of their father’s cache of illegal artifacts. Ron, of course, immediately told his father, who was able to regain some position in the Ministry and save face after the car incident.

Of course, this is a decision that was actually quite terrible for Draco himself; after all, Draco’s father took a real hit when the raid found so many Dark Objects in Malfoy Manor. However, his bragging about his house of Dark Objects was a great choice for Ron and the Weasleys.

1 Following his father’s advice

In this installment, Lucius Malfoy tells his son to “keep his head down” and just step back as the Chamber opens, and one of Draco’s best decisions was to follow that advice. Although he clearly wished he could do more, he spent most of the year playing Quidditch, studying, and being his usual bullying self, which was a surprisingly good choice.

Draco is often wrong in trying to impress his father, or in trying to embrace his father’s beliefs, but the decision to focus on being a kid in school was great. If he had just continued to do this, instead of trying to become a Death Eater and show off, prove himself to his father and Voldemort, he would have been a much, much happier child.

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