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Genshin Impact: version 2.4 is now available and includes many new features | Levelup

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We are almost a year and a half away from the premiere of Genshin Impact, which keeps getting new content from time to time. Today is a very important day for the players of this title, as a new version loaded with characters, events and rewards has just debuted.

miHoYo had anticipated at the end of the year that it was preparing to release version 2.4. The premiere was scheduled for January 5, 2022, and after a short maintenance period, players can now download the new content. As compensation, you can already claim 600 protogems as well!

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The players of Genshin Impact they will be able to discover a new area, Enkanomiya

The most striking thing about this new version, Fleeting Iridescence, is that a new region called Enkanomiya is added, as well as the event related to the traditional Lantern Rite, which will offer the new Celestial Sparks event. There will also be another event, Jade of the Clouds, which will be related to the Chamber of Jade and Ningguang.

Enkanomiya is an underwater region that was sealed below Inazuma and is home to powerful enemies that will make their debut in the game, such as The Abyss Lector and Bathysmal Vishaps. New for this region include dynamic lighting mechanics, a story from an ancient civilization, as well as new environmental puzzles.

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New characters just debuted in Genshin Impact

However, the player will not be alone, as great allies will also debut in this new version. We are talking about young girls Yun Jin and Shenhe. The first is from the Geo vision, the second has icy abilities, both are right-handed with polearms and they will have a relevant role in the new content of this version.

These young women will appear in the Momentous Advent gachapon, along with Chongyun and Ningguang (available from today until January 25). As of version 2.5, Yun Jin will appear in the Passion for Traveling gachapon.

In addition to this, several characters will return with new gachapons, such as Xiao (Invitation to the mortal world, until January 25), Zhongli (Solitude of the nobility, from January 25 to February 15) and Ganyu (Floating adrift, from January 25 to February 15).

Then we leave you with its history and gameplay presentation videos.

Lots of content awaits you at Genshin Impact see. 2.4

Genshin Impact is celebrating, because the annual event of the Rite of the Lantern will be back, this time it will be called and will offer new story content, as well as a lot of rewards, among which the possibility of getting a Liyue character of 4 stands out. stars.

Another interesting addition is that of the Intermediate Archon mission, Act I: The Crane Returns with the Wind, which will star Ningguang and which will be related to the rebuilding of the Jade Chamber.

As we mentioned, the most striking content is the new area, the new characters, the festive events, but there is much more that comes with version 2.4, such as some new elements of fish, the Relaxer, animals in the environment, dishes, achievements , card titles, quests, character dating events, aside from the usual bug fixes.

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Image: miHoYo

What do you think of all these news from Genshin Impact? Have you already started to discover the new area of ​​the game? Tell us in the comments.

Genshin Impact is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, mobiles and PC. You can find more news related to him if you visit his file.

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