Wednesday, October 5

Forget smart locks: CES just brought us a smart door

A smart door eliminates the hassle of installing and wiring a smart video doorbell and smart lock while ensuring security and weather resistance.

Smart home technology is increasingly moving beyond concepts and into the home and the latest innovation is a smart door which was unveiled at CES 2022. The Consumer Electronics Show is packed with wonders, from the practical to the absurd, and as crazy as a smart door sounds at first, it might actually be one of the most no-nonsense smart home solutions yet. date. As smart home technology becomes more common, it also becomes more affordable and practical for home security and convenience.

The Internet of Things is a broader category that includes smart home technology, and while it is becoming more ubiquitous, it has not yet reached its full potential. Communication standards were once an issue, and while that issue hasn’t been fully resolved, the growth of Amazon and Google’s systems is beginning to ease that concern. Connectivity and power are still quite limiting as the burden falls on the user and smart home components are often installed by the user.

Masonite It is not a name normally associated with consumer electronics, yet CES witnessed the announcement of the world’s first smart door. Designed to make life easier for homeowners, Masonite made a good case for the importance of its door packed with M-Pwr technology that makes adding and upgrading a smart door lock and smart video doorbell so much easier. The fiberglass door is available in a variety of styles and colors and comes with door sensors that activate the LED lights. While smart locks and video doorbells have been around for quite some time, installing them can be challenging as it requires precision drilling, alignment, and wiring. All of this should be done without compromising the security and waterproofing required for a home entrance.

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An all-in-one solution

Masonite’s M-Pwr smart door solution is designed to simplify the use of smart home technology. Some smart locks, video doorbells, and lights are battery operated as a shortcut for easy installation, however there is a risk of failure as the power level drops over time. A wired solution is best, but difficult to set up. Masonite’s M-Pwr solves that by integrating power and internet connectivity into the smart door. A 24-hour backup battery is included in the smart door to make sure it can be used normally even in the event of a power outage.

To ensure that M-Pwr is more reliable than a DIY system, professional installation is required by the company, but once set up, the Ring Smart Doorbell and Yale Smart Lock can be upgraded or exchanged for another type with minimal hassle. . Partnering with industry leaders, while maintaining freedom of choice, means that the user is not stuck in a less than ideal solution and can choose improved features and new models as they become available. Masonite’s M-Pwr price is not known at this time and the smart door It is currently only available with new home construction, which takes some of the shine off this exciting new smart home solution.

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