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Elden Ring: the most anticipated game • Console and Board

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After more than two years of waiting and a successful gameplay, FromSoftware fans await the arrival of February 25, 2022 to finally get their hands on Elden Ring, a title that has masterfully combined Hidetaka Miyazaki’s abilities to develop challenging games. with the fantastic pen of George RR Martín to create mythical universes.

The Fantasy genre has been characterized by the creation of unique lands where the strange mixes with the wonderful, while the stories of past or present warriors, magicians, and kings interweave and evolve as we enter their plot. We find this in the legends and stories of the Lord of the Rings, the mythological monsters that Geralt of Rivia must hunt in The Witcher and even in online slot games like Wild Spells, among others, where we find continuous references to magic and crafting when trying to combine spell books or potions in each turn inspired by movies or mythological creatures.

In that sense, after its announcement at E3 and the closed beta in November Elden Ring aims to be one of the greatest exponents of the genre, already winning 8 awards before its launch, and even being considered Game of the Year, dragging an immense expectation upon its release for XBOX One, XBOX Series, PS4, PS5 and PC.

This arose since they announced the collaboration of GRR Martin, author of the successful saga Song of ice and fire to create the world of Midlands. A conflictive, challenging place, as well as the rules that govern it, establishing the foundations with which Hidetaka Miyazaki would develop this action RPG with which he reaches new levels in his production.

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Those who tested the beta found in Elden Ring an open world that invites to be explored, thanks to the abundant details and secrets that we will find as we enter it. In the same way, it has some carefully worked graphics that manage to hallucinate us when playing it on the latest generation consoles.

A renewed formula

Perhaps one of the most criticized points is the combat mechanics and character development, which take various common items from Dark Souls, Bloodborne y Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, so veteran players will have a feeling of familiarity in the controls, and even the animations, but still managing to bring some new features.

Among them we find 5 pre-designed classes that we can choose at the beginning of the game and then adapt them to our style of play as we distribute the skill points. The weapons now include a system for exchanging skills that we can obtain by defeating enemies or discovering them while exploring, the same thing happening with various invocations that we can use to support each other in battle. Another novelty is the inclusion of a mount to move, fight and even platform to access new areas, however, perhaps it is the decrease in difficulty in the game, which compared to Dark Souls will relieve more than one.

Elden Ring It can be considered a natural evolution of FromSoftware’s production, fusing an infallible formula with a rich narrative full of details from two greats of dark fantasy and that will surely keep us hooked.

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