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Creators of the Aya Neo Pro are confident that they have found the solution to the Joy-Con Drift | Levelup

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A few months ago the Aya Neo Pro was introduced, a new console that was described as a direct rival to the Switch. Now its managers continue to promote it and claim that they have already found a way to end the Joy-Con Drift.

It is no news to anyone that one of the biggest problems of the Switch has been each reported failure of its Joy-Con, a situation that became a headache and that it seems that even with the launch of the OLED Switch it has not been able to be solved.

The console has been compared to what could be the Switch Pro

However, it seems that Nintendo’s competitors and those responsible for the Aya Neo Pro, have achieved what the Japanese company did not, or at least they claim with their hardware, which uses a Hall Effect sensor in its analog sticks that makes use of magnets, all so that its internal components do not wear out each other.

It is not yet known for sure what causes the Joy-Con Drift on the Switch, but the main bets are that the components within each lever rub against each other and create dust or debris that causes false contacts.

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Because of this, the Aya Neo Next could really offer hours of gameplay without the risk of wasting its button parts, something that would ensure good durability for those who get hold of the console.

Do you really think the Aya Neo Next can teach the Switch how to do things? Tell us in the comments.

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