Friday, December 9

Cleared Hot, an indie game inspired by Desert Strike, is coming to PC in 2022

Older players will remember Desert Strike, a shooter of helicopters in overhead perspective developed by Electronic Arts in 1992 for Mega Drive, computers and other consoles whose popularity made it have four continuations: Jungle Strike, Urban Strike, Soviet Strike Y Nuclear Strike. 25 years after the launch of the latter, the independent study Cfinger Games formed by a single developer pay tribute to the saga with Cleared Hot.

Keeping the zenithal perspective, but using a three-dimensional visual section with aesthetics low-poly, in Cleared Hot The players will fly through the air in tactical missions during the day and night in which they will have to capture enemy areas, defend areas, support troops, clear roads and many more actions that will require tactical, cutting edge and taking advantage of the physical.

From Cfinger Games they emphasize that “Physics-based interactions reward your curiosity and creativity”. The helicopters will have a rope and a magnet With which we will be able to pick up the troops to load with allied or enemy trucks. The helicopters of different types, each with their strengths and weaknesses, can be customized with unlockable weapons and upgrades.

Have a single player campaign and quick game mode

The title will have a mode of fast game and a campaign for a player where the president will have to be rescued. There will be missions during the day and during the night; in the latter you can use vision thermal and night, although it will be necessary to take care of the position of our troops since it will not be indicated who are allies and who are enemies.

For now Cleared Hot does not have a definitive release date, although its release window is at 2022 for PC via Steam. You can add it to your wish list here. About Desert Strike, Electronic Arts reregistered the title’s intellectual property in 2013, but has not been heard from again.

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