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Batman: Arkham City gave Catwoman a strange counterattack

Batman: Arkham City’s legacy is strong, but Catwoman’s bizarre counterattacks highlight the questionable depictions of women in the game.

Batman: Arkham City It describes its female characters quite strangely, but perhaps nothing is stranger than one of Catwoman’s counterattacks. While fantastic games, Rocksteady Studio’s Batman: Arkham The series has become somewhat dated in the way it treats women, especially when it comes to the feline antihero Selina “Catwoman” Kyle. Of course, Batman: Arkham CityCatwoman is sexualized to the point that she even kisses her opponents while fighting.

A critique of some of the bizarre and sexualized depictions of women in Batman: Arkham Town however, it is not necessary to do it in hindsight. Despite being hailed as the best Bat Man: Arkham game, one of the controversies surrounding Batman: Arkham Town when it first came to light it was that critics did not appreciate the myriad of sexist expletives that the NPCs hurled at Catwoman. Of course, in Arkham City’s crime-ridden environment, such harsh language makes sense, but many pointed out that the degree of sexism may have crossed the threshold between a stark description of the prison and a nasty case of discrimination.

Now that a decade has passed since 2011 Batman: Arkham Deliveries, other examples have emerged of his strange depictions of women. I mean, Catwoman’s fighting kit comes with sexual moves that are almost useless for combat. The most egregious example of this is a counterattack in which he kisses his opponents in order to subdue them. Catwoman’s tight suit is already one of Batman: ArkhamThe most poorly aged designs, so the addition of unnecessarily sexualized movements to further objectify it comes across as a particularly cheap gimmick. But the worst thing about his moveset is that these attacks are unrelated to his character. In fact, the moves should be part of another villain’s fighting gear in Batman: Arkham City: Poison Ivy.

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Why is Catwoman kissing all the prisoners in Batman: Arkham City?

As a Reddit user holeepug In her screenshot of the rare “kissing” counterattack, Catwoman’s fighting style almost makes challenging her more rewarding than threatening. Instead of just punching and kicking like their male counterparts in Batman: Arkham CityCatwoman’s set of movements also consists of wrapping her legs around the opponent’s neck and giving them kisses. Kissing an opponent should never serve as an attack for Catwoman, especially when a deadly kiss is Poison Ivy’s signature move (and one that contextually makes a lot more sense). In Batman: Arkham CityCatwoman is the only hero in the game capable of accessing Poison Ivy, which means that Selina Kyle is stealing her villain’s moves for no real purpose. Poison Ivy is relegated to a minor character as one of Bat Man: Arkhammore disappointing villains, and while Catwoman becomes the game’s deadly kisser at least saves Poison Ivy from the same sexualization, she still barely wears a shirt and underwear at Batman: Arkham City.

While Rocksteady Studio’s Batman: Arkham games These are still incredible achievements, some of its most obvious flaws have only become more apparent over time. Why Catwoman would ever resort to making out with random criminals is beyond anyone’s guess. Hopefully next Gotham Gentlemen Batgirl will fare better and will not receive the same sexist treatment.

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