Saturday, November 26

Babylon’s Fall Is Now Gold: Ready to Release March 3 on PS5, PS4 and PC

Square Enix today hosted a live broadcast focused on Babylon’s Fall, the PlatinumGames action role-playing cooperative, in which they announced that the game has already reached its phase gold, which means it’s ready to go into distribution and release on the release date announced early last month – hitting PS5, PS4, and PC on Thursday. March 3rd.

As usual, it is already a considered project ‘gold‘does not mean that development has been shelved, but rather marks the start of mass production of the video game. In fact, those responsible for streaming say in it that currently PlatinumGames is working on a park by one that will have to be downloaded to solve certain problems. It was also recalled that there are regular content updates planned after the release of Babylon’s Fall, the how new game modes arriving at no additional cost.

During the broadcast there was also a soundtrack in physical format It will be released on a double CD that will include a wide selection of songs from the game.

Our impressions of Babylon’s Fall

“It is likely that Babylon’s Fall It may not be the game that many fans expected with their initial introduction, but you have to give a vote of confidence. It is a project that takes ideas of action with cooperative, role, obtaining equipment and materials; a kind of Monster Hunter but more linear and focused on the strength of PlatinumGames. Of course, much remains to be demonstrated in order to define the target audience, which is one of the doubts we have, to discover more about its history and to know in detail that medium and long-term plan that they have promised. What if it becomes one of the surprises of 2022?“, we said in our prints.

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