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A sip of Isco’s Cup to drown sorrows




El Real Madrid was not surprised a second time by the Alcoyano. The locals did everything possible and the approach of the Vicente Parras put those of Ancelotti in the first half. In the second half, however, Madrid came out more involved and although a goal from Dani vega made the public dream of The Collao, Asensio and Isco, who had started in the second half, sentenced with two goals.

Copa del Rey (1/16 final): Summary and goals of Alcoyano 1-3 Real Madrid

The other great protagonist of Madrid was Militao. He scored the first goal, as he did last season in Alcoy, and he took out the thorn of his mistake in Getafe. A deserved award for the Brazilian, who is having an excellent season.

Militao pulls out the thorn

Militao goal (0-1) at Alcoyano 1-3 Real Madrid

He entered with everything, like a train, and scored the first Real Madrid goal to calm the momentum of a good Alcoyano. The Brazilian amended his error in Getafe, where his mistake cost the local goal and the first defeat for the whites in 2022. The header is the best prize for the Brazilian, who had been looking for a goal for a long time but was missing always something of success, and that also is being one of the best of the white team this season.

Dani Vega and Andy, the gamers

Goal by Dani Vega (1-1) at Alcoyano 1-3 Real Madrid

Nothing can be reproached to Alcoyano. He put Madrid in trouble in the first half, thanks above all to Andy’s good handling of the ball, who left in the second half, but brought out his good left foot to put balls in danger. And then Dani Vega appeared, who made a fabulous goal, with a wonderful cut and a ball later crossed to the squad. Something that is expected of footballers like Hazard or Rodrygo. In a game like last night, Mariano has to be asked at least the effort and effort of Mourad, Alcoyano’s striker.

Madrid is less Madrid without Kroos and Modric

The reality is that Madrid do not play with the same pause or criteria when Modric and Kroos are not on the field. Ancelotti wanted to make it clear in the previous press conference of the crash that he was going to get the best possible eleven. The Croat rested but Kroos was on the bench. With Valverde and Camavinga, Madrid has more transitions, more back and forth, but it was perhaps what was best for Vicente Parras’ team. To sleep the ball and calm Alcoyano’s momentum, something else was better.

Isco leaves with a gift from Kings

Goal by Jos Juan (pp) (1-3) at Alcoyano 1-3 Real Madrid

It is not the best gift from Reyes for Isco, the last ten minutes against Alcoyano, but he leaves at least El Collao with a goal. He had barely 100 minutes throughout the season, five in the defeat against Getafe, and it will be difficult to turn the situation around. He was ready taking advantage of a rebound and his great control earned him both to seal the pass to the next round. Asensio also put his goal. The Spaniard has that gift. It does not take him much to be the protagonist, although his shot did rebound this time.

Finally Ceballos

He was injured on July 22 in the first game of the Tokyo JJ OO. Dani Ceballos finally returned to play for Real Madrid. He had the last minutes of the game in Alcoy to regain feelings. It has been a very tough six months, but Ancelotti is sure that the midfielder can contribute in this second part of the season. There are many games, including the Cup, and the midfield will need oxygen so as not to overload Modrid, Kroos and Casemiro.

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