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A disaster! Skull & Bones co-director leaves Ubisoft and the chaos continues | Levelup

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do you remember? Skull & Bones? Yes, that new IP that Ubisoft introduced at E3 2017 with the promise that it would be the next big pirate-themed game. It is no secret to anyone that the project has had a more than complicated development that seems to be on the brink of shipwreck.

It has suffered multiple delays and harassment allegations against Ubisoft have tainted and complicated its creation. This to the degree that Skull & Bones he was left without a director, as the creative in charge was singled out for bad behavior.

We even know that the title surpassed its Alpha phase in 2021 after 8 years of development, which have turned into hell for many creatives. Skull & Bones It goes from bad to worse, because now it lost its co-director.

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Co-director of Skull & Bones resigns and says goodbye to Ubisoft

Antoine Henry worked on major Ubisoft projects over the past few years. Collaborated on several occasions with the Singapore offices to move forward Skull & Bones, first as a gameplay manager and then as support for the general direction of the project.

Through your account LinkedIn, the creative recently announced his departure from Ubisoft, which means that he will no longer be working on the pirate game. Henry posted a message saying goodbye to the company after a 15-year career.

He confirmed that he will not leave the industry and took the opportunity to thank everyone he worked with. Henry did not explain the reasons for his departure, but without a doubt the news is one more blow to Skull & Bones, its development and, of course, Ubisoft.

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“Bye, Ubisoft! After almost 15 years, today was my last day. I am grateful for the people I met and for what they gave me professionally and personally. I hope I was able to give back a little. New and exciting adventures very soon ”, wrote the creative.

Ubisoft Singapore remains in everyone’s sights after the scandals of discrimination and toxic work culture that the company is experiencing. The studio was left without a director in 2020, and the situation appears to have not entirely improved despite staffing adjustments.

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