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22 games of 2022 – Hollow Knight: Silksong

What to wait for the launch of Hollow Knight: Silksong year after year it has become quite a meme; Team Cherry, developer of this sequel, has never given reasons to think that we will see it soon, but it has been announced for so long (since 2019) that we are eager to see the next installment of the saga published Hollow Knight They incite us to let ourselves be carried away by passion and truly believe that it is going to be released in 2022, and even some leak has marked the date of its premiere for February 1, very close to the fifth anniversary of the first Hollow Knight. Will this be the year in which we can finally play this long-awaited metroidvania? Let’s refresh all the information we have of him (which is not little) so that we are not caught off guard in case it is so.

Three years since its exciting official announcement

  • Study: Team Cherry
  • Publishing company: Team Cherry
  • Platforms: PC y Nintendo Switch
  • Release date: 2022

February 2022 will mark three years of official announcement of Hollow Knight: Silksong, a sequel that started as an additional downloadable chapter for the first game But as development progressed, it gained its own entity. The members of Team Cherry saw that it had the potential to be a standalone title, so they started working on it as such; This is precisely one of the reasons why the wait has become so long, since having grown in size it also requires more production time.

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In fact, although its jump to a standalone sequel wasn’t announced until 2019, on the Kickstarter campaign from Hollow Knight It was already mentioned that if a certain goal (56,000 dollars) was reached, it would be implemented a second playable character, Hornet, with their own set of moves and abilities. As it is a promise made during the crowdfunding, those responsible for the game have kept their word that this goal achieved will continue to be available free of charge for those who supported the first game in said campaign, even though it has now become a sequel standalone.

A sequel proper

As you can imagine, Hollow Knight: Silksong It is no longer simply a change in the design of the main character of Hollow Knight, but it has gained enough entity so that we can consider it a sequel itself. In the 2019 announcement it was revealed that this new title will feature over 150 new enemies, new scenarios and territories, new powers and the possibility of create new weapons, traps and mechanisms that will allow us to expand our arsenal.

It has also been confirmed that Christopher Larkin, composer of the soundtrack of the original, to participate again in this sequel with its melancholic melodies. And of course the skill of the players will be challenged again with a unlockable mode called ‘Silk Soul to increase the difficulty in our second game.

One of Hollow Knight's final bosses: Silksong.

But perhaps the most important thing about this sequel is that the fighting style has changed to be much more agile than in the first game. Who have played Hollow Knight You will understand that this makes sense, since Hornet is one of the fastest final bosses that we can face in him, also standing out for his fast movements and the master in air combat. The abilities of the protagonist in the first installment will be reflected in Hollow Knight: Silksong, allowing us a different style of play, lighter.

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What differences will there be between the first game and the sequel?

Perhaps many people believe that Hollow Knight: Silksong It is going to be a more continuous game than in reality it is going to end up being; it is true that Team Cherry wants lean on the virtues of the first game, but there are certain nuances that make us understand it as an evolved version of that Hollow Knight that we were amazed at its premiere, back in February 2017. This is something that in Vandal We have been able to witness in the first person, since our partner Carlos Leiva played a demo of the sequel shortly after the official announcement and told us in his impressions the palpable differences between both deliveries.

Even if Hollow Knight: Silksong keep the great formula metroidvania of its predecessor, the truth is that it brings with it several innovative points that we will find, above all, in the movement of the new protagonist. For example, Hornet can cling to the edges of the platforms, propel yourself and climb them, something that can be used both in combat and in exploring the enormous two-dimensional scenarios that, in addition, have gained liveliness thanks to a much wider color palette than in the first game.

There are many other playable tweaks that adapt the experience to the style of the princess protector of the Hallownest ruins, and that is something that we will notice at the controls and what we will have to get used to while we enjoy the challenging and intricate adventure that Team Cherry plans. The key is, of course, in knowing when we can play it, do you think Hollow Knight: Silksong Will it finally come out in 2022 or will we have to wait another year?

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22 games of 2022

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