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Xbox will launch a line of nail polish with OPI | Levelup

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Xbox wants its players to be able to experience their creativity in a number of ways. To meet this goal, the company partnered with cosmetics brand OPI to launch a line of gaming-based nail polishes.

In spring 2022 it will be the debut of the OPI x Xbox collection. It is a line of 12 shades of nail polish that are inspired by Xbox, phrases that are part of the culture of gaming and some virtual worlds of Xbox Game Pass.

Here are the shades of the enamels and their descriptions:

  • Quest for Quartz: A bright pink that will put you in the winning circle
  • Pixel Dust: A bright mauve pink that will pixelate your world
  • Racing for Pinks: A creamy pink that will revolutionize your engine
  • Suzi is My avatar: A creamy pink that will give you virtual power
  • Trading Paint: A creamy apricot for which you will race to the finish
  • Heart and Con-soul: A bright crimson red that takes nails to the next level
  • The Pass is Always Greener: Get to know your matcha with this creamy pastel green
  • Saga Simulation: Get lost in this bright green simulation
  • You Had Me at Halo: a bright galactic blue that will give you brilliant stats
  • Can’t CNTRL Me: A blue egg that cannot be controlled
  • Achiement Unlocked: Unlock a world of color that is optimized for lilac
  • N00berrt: Enhance your nails with this deep and creamy purple
Stylish colors

The entire collection will be on sale globally in February wherever OPI products are sold. It is worth mentioning that players who purchase the products in the United States will be able to unlock content for Forza Horizon 5 Y Halo Infinite that will match the nail polish they buy. The promotion only applies to select enamels.

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Some glazes will include one of these skins
Some glazes will include one of these skins

What did you think of this collection? Are you planning to buy any of these enamels? Tell us in the comments.

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