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Xbox Game Pass News for January: Mass Effect Legendary, Outer Wilds, Spelunky 2 and More

On the morning of this January 4, we informed you that three titles had appeared by surprise in the Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass catalogs: Olija, Gorogoa Y The Pedestrian. To those will be added another five games during the first half of the month that Microsoft has announced officially: Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Spelunky 2, Outer Wilds, Embr and the early access version of Anacrusis. We list them with their date of inclusion to the service below:

  • Gorogoa – January 4 (Console, PC and Cloud)
  • Olija – January 4 (Console, PC and Cloud)
  • The Pedestrian – January 4 (Console, PC and Cloud)
  • Embr – January 6 (Console, PC and cloud)
  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition – January 6 (Console and PC via EA Play)
  • Outer Wilds – January 6 (Console, PC and Cloud)
  • Spelunky 2 – January 13 (Console and PC)
  • The Anacrusis – January 13 (Console and PC)

Role, time loops, roguelikes and many puzzles

Some of the titles require little presentation. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the compilation and remastering of the original BioWare RPG trilogue, which includes the three original installments and the DLC with a renewed visual section and playable improvements. Spelunky 2 is the sequel to roguelike Derek Yu’s platformer, a title as brilliant as it is difficult. Outer Wilds (which was in the catalog a while ago) is a title of exploration and puzzles in a time loop that takes us to a solar system that collapses every 22 minutes; its mysteries and clever game design have won it several accolades.

With more time behind him, but just as brilliant, he is Gorogoa, a short and beautiful puzzle game based on the composition of vignettes to create new images. Also of puzzles is The Pedestrian, which stands out for its visual originality: the character moves through the signs, blackboards and other elements of a photorealistic city.

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Outer Wilds

Olija is an adventure of platforms and two-dimensional action that stands out for its immediacy and its pixel-art. Embr is a cooperative game with a humorous tone where the players control a few more clumsy firefighters of the account. The Anacrusis, which comes in early access, is also cooperative: it’s new from one of the creators of Left 4 Dead, and promises to take the Director of the shooter de Valve.

Kingdom Hearts 3, Desperados 3 and others leave Game Pass

Not everything is news, as there are several titles that they leave the catalog de PC Game Pass y Xbox Game Pass el prximo January 16. Until then they can be purchased in the Microsoft Store with a 20% discount. In addition, PUBG He also leaves the service on January 12 because he goes to free to play. The games that are going are the following:

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