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With this app you can transfer screenshots from Switch to your mobile in a much easier way

If you ever tried transfer your screenshots and videos de Nintendo Switch to a smart device, either mobile phone, tablet or computer, you will have noticed that it is not exactly a comfortable method. In one of the latest updates to the console, Nintendo integrated an option that allows it to be done in a somewhat simpler way, but even so it seems that it does not quite convince the entire spectrum of players.

That is why a Czech application developer, Filip Němeček, has seen fit to create a software specific to this task. It is a app for iOS and Android which makes it easy to transfer images and videos from Nintendo Switch to smartphones based on the method we mentioned earlier. This tool is called ‘SwitchBuddy’ and is now available for free, and without ads, both in App Store like in Google Play.

How to transfer screenshots and videos from Switch to mobiles easily?

The official way to transfer images and videos from Nintendo Switch to an iOS or Android device is by selecting a limited number of elements from the gallery itself, connect both devices with a QR code and download the content from a server that is created temporarily. Although it is useful, for many people this method has been a nuisance, especially when we want to send a large number of images and videos. The application of this developer acts precisely there, in the limitations of the official process.

Screenshots of the SwitchBuddy app.

With SwitchBuddy we can bypass those limits and connect our mobile phone with the console gallery, so that in a few simple steps we can have access to all the images and videos that we have on Switch. For this we will also have to read a QR code that the console itself generates, but when we capture it with the application, all the elements of the gallery will be opened, allowing us to quickly transfer those we need, in addition to carrying out actions in bulk to facilitate the transfer of a good number of captures.

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