Wednesday, December 7

Windows 10 is about to get a big update for gamers

An upcoming Windows 10 update seeks to help gamers by making it easier to improve performance in the middle of the game. Traditionally, your best option, when your gameplay drops, was to quit the game and try to quit other apps or change settings in Windows 10.

But no one really wants to take all those steps, especially when every second wasted to fix the problem is just as dangerous to your success as the slowdown itself. Then, Latest Windows reports that Microsoft plans to remove the middleman.

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The site reports that a new Resources menu, which looks like much Like the Task Manager, it will hit the Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10. The Game Bar is found by selecting Windows + G, and the new resource section looks like a speedometer, placed as the penultimate item on Windows shared screens Latest

(Image credit: Windows Latest)

The resource manager shows which applications are taking up CPU, RAM, GPU, and disk speed, and divides the applications by their level of visibility. You can also sort the apps by those categories, if you think that game performance issues are limited to specific areas.

That way, you can see the applications that you know are running alongside background processes and Windows system-level executables that are silently consuming resources.

A simple X to the far right of each application or process allows you to end that resource grab with ease, so you can get back to your game.

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Making the Xbox Game Bar a more powerful part of the gaming experience is a strong way for Microsoft to ensure that the PC continues to be a strong mainstay of the gaming landscape. And the movement occurs just as the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S continue to suck up all the oxygen in the room.

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