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Will be? Hackers steal $ 1.9 million worth of NFTs and community helps to get them back | Levelup

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The NFT craze has given a lot to talk about in recent months and has also given rise to curious situations that are sometimes so bizarre that their veracity is doubted. One of them took place a few days ago when an NFT enthusiast was attacked by a hacker who stole a small collection worth $ 1.9 million, but in the face of the crisis the community responded and helped him recover some of these digital pieces.

A Theft and Unexpected Response from the NFT Enthusiast Community

According to information from The Gamer, NFT enthusiast Todd Kramer was the victim of a phishing attack when he entered a link that supposedly would send him to a site with an application of interest. Unfortunately, it was the operation of a hacker and he immediately saw the theft of his collection of NFTs from the “Apes” line with an estimated value of $ 1.9 million.

After what happened, Kramer made his case on social networks, showing that computer vulnerabilities can impact this type of digital possessions and more so now that they are in trend. The community’s response was to condemn the event and they immediately took a position of zero tolerance for this type of act, pointing out that if someone bought these NFTs, the right thing to do was to return them, at no cost, to the original owner, otherwise they would be feeding a crime scene that could lead to a higher number of attacks.

Although it was thought that these were words on the air, since there was a lot of money at stake, the community responded and, without revealing how, they assured that they helped Todd Kramer to recover his NFTs and little by little they were adding pieces to his digital collection of which , in the end, is the owner.

The situation and its conclusion divided opinions among users of social networks. Some considering that it is something acted to attract more people to the world of NFTs appealing that it is a safe and ethical environment in its operation; others considering that the NFT community, at least at this moment, has other types of values ​​that lead them to act in this way before thinking about the money they can earn.

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