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Twitch wants to teach Gordon Ramsay to stream, but on one condition | Levelup

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We told you a while ago that Gordon Ramsay, the famous British chef, loves to reveal that he does not know what the heck is Twitch. The platform wants that to change and that is why it proposed to teach you how to broadcast, with one condition.

What happened was this: on Twitter, the official Twitch account contacted Gordon Ramsey to propose an interesting deal. They are going to teach him how to broadcast on Twitch, as long as he shows them
the steps to make a good steak Wellington. Fair treatment.

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“Clear [que puedes recibir una lección sobre quiénes somos]. We will teach you how to do live broadcasts if you teach us to cook a good Wellington, ”said the official Twitch account.

As of this writing, Gordon Ramsay has not responded to Twitch’s invitation.

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It seems that Twitch and Ramsay are closer than we thought

Although Ramsay has remained mum about this invitation, it seems that he is no closer to the streaming service than we thought.

What do we mean? That he updated his Twitter bio to make it clear that he does not know what the heck is Twitch. For its part, Twitch momentarily edited his profile to indicate that he is a fan of the chef’s scrambled egg recipe.

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What does this all mean? Only time will tell. At this point we would not be surprised if it was a marketing move to promote Next Level Chef, the new Ramsay program. What is a fact is that both parties knew how to upload the meme properly. We just hope that all of this ends in a Ramsay stream where he teaches us how to cook without making us say that we are an idiot sandwich.

What do you thing about all this? Can you imagine a stream of Ramsay? Tell us in the comments.

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