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Today is the end of many BlackBerry cell phones; soon they will not be able to connect to the Internet, nor make calls | Levelup

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You may not remember it, but at some point Blackberry was the king of smartphones. In the end, its success collapsed and the brand’s cell phones are about to remain as one more anecdote in the world of technology. We say it since the history of many of its teams is about to write its final point.

What happens is that, as of today, several Blackberry phones will stop receiving provisioning services. This means that little by little they will lose the ability to connect to networks, even cell phone networks. In other words: they will become unusable as cell phones.

In case you don’t know, Provisioning Updates are the ones that give your device details on how to establish Wi-Fi and cell phone connections. This means that there will come a point where BlackBerry phones will be unable to connect to the Internet, make calls, receive messages, and even dial emergency services.

Another important point is that the Blackberry servers that made it possible for BlackBerry Link and Blackberry World to operate also shut down. This means that you will no longer be able to use them.

It is worth mentioning that the affected phones will be all those that have the BlackBerry operating system. Considering that the latest version of this software debuted in 2013, the affected devices are already very old and not many of them are expected to be operating yet.

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Blackberry was once king

As we mentioned before, Blackberry came to dominate the world of smartphones several years ago with devices that stood out for having a physical keyboard and their own messaging system. For a moment it seemed that if anyone had a smartphone, it must be some BlackBerry model.

However, the company took a long time to adapt to the advances that the world of iPhone and Android offered. Thus, little by little it became an irrelevant brand in the world of cell phones, so it was forced to abandon its operating system to adopt Android and then stop making cell phones completely.

And you, are you still using a BlackBerry device? What do you think of the end of the history of these teams? Tell us in the comments.

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