Friday, November 25

The Prado Museum opens an island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons with several of his works

There are several royal museums that have taken part of their exhibition to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but the initiative of Prado Museum announced this Tuesday, January 4, goes further. The Spanish museum has created an island where several of its most iconic works are exhibited, such as the Girls, The Garden of Earthly Delights Y Boys on the beach but he has separated them into interactive itineraries that offer visitors information to understand and deepen each of the paintings.

Thus, without having to visit Madrid, any player of the Nintendo Switch title can access the island where both the Prado Museum and the Quinta del Sordo are rebuilt using the cdigo de sueo: DA-5758-6558-3912. There are several itineraries and it is interesting to visit them with the web dedicated to each one open on your computer or mobile to have more information about the works.

In The Prado looks at you if you can observe portraits of Joaqun Sorolla, Francisco de Goya, Velzquez and more. Time in our hands focuses on objects that tell us about customs, daily life or the spirituality of other times with works of Chick, Peeters y Tiziano. Dream maps shows fabulous landscapes, illusions and fantastic animals from the Bosco, el Greco and Jos de Ribera.

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Rediscover the margins is an itinerary through works that represent people who broke the molds established and those who were removed from the central focus; they are pictures of Happiness, by Velzquez, by Carreo de Miranda and Snchez Cotn. Finally, The Quinta del Sordo takes us to Goya’s country house to see his black paintings and iconic paintings What Cudgel duel Y Saturn devouring his son.

Works can be downloaded with QR codes

In addition, players who have the Nintendo Switch Online app installed on their phone will be able to access the Custom Designs tool to scan the QR code of each of the paintings that appear on the web to be able to place the works on a wall or in a room. easel. Some of the paintings, such as Girls Y The Dressed Maja are already in the game to expose them in the museum or elsewhere, and can be found by visiting the Ladino shop.

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