Monday, December 5

Tavares does not let Manresa climb his beards




Por momentos, the interior mobiles of BAXI Manresa disrespected Walter Tavares. Europe’s biggest bully saw how Ismael Bako, Yankuba Sima and Chima Moneke challenged him with his game over the rim. But at the moment of truth, the colossus of Real Madrid took revenge to give the victory to his team (87-92). I ended up with 19 points and 13 rebounds, some of them as decisive as a last intimidation in the final stretch. It is better not to anger him.


  • 87. BAXI MANRESA (19 + 19 + 30 + 19) Dani Prez (8), Thomasson (15), Valtonen (7) Moneke (7) and Sima (13) -starting five- Francisco (8), Rafa Martnez (6 ), Dani Garcia (-), Maye (8), Steinbergs (-), Vaulet (2) and Bako (13).
  • 92. REAL MADRID (16 + 24 + 28 + 24) Williams-Goss (11), Causeur (10), Hanga (4) Yabusele (12) Tavares (19) -initial five- Heurtel (8), Llull (7) , Rudy Fernndez (15), Taylor (-), Abalde (-), Randolph (-) and Poirier (6).

The giant scored six of the leader’s last nine points. of the Endesa League, demanded until the last moments by Manresa. Tavares smashed the ring to put the tie at 85 and he certified the victory with four free throws in a row obtained after three rebounds, two of them offensive. The Manresa, with their game as attractive as it is intense, they came up with options at the end, but later mistakes prevented them from taking one more step toward a King’s Cup that they are more than deserving.

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Seen the development of the crash, no one would think that the two teams had been a good season without playing as they outgrew their numerous coronavirus cases, including that of Laso, who was returning to the bench. Only in the first quarter they noticed something lacking in rhythm (19-16). Then they went on the attack with an outside shot. Rudy, who scored five triples, opened the ban to distance his team (28-35). Endure the Manresa with those of Maye to leave the score set at half-time (38-40).

Gorgeous exchange of blows

Afterwards, each hit from one team was answered by the other in a beautiful exchange. To the success of Conversationalist replic el elctrico Francisco. Tavares stirred at Bako’s challenges. And the magic of Heurtel contrasted with the intensity of Moneke. Before the last quarter, tie at 68 after a thrilling 30-28 quarter with two runaway teams.

Madrid was going to have to suffer if it wanted to take its twenty-first consecutive victory for Manresa. Before the indomitable Bako appeared Williams-Goss and the old guard, with Rudy and Llull, all with key actions with the party on the edge. But The closure was made by Tavares, tired of rivals trying to climb on his beards.

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