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SaGa series creator working on remaster, remake and new game

The Serie SaGa It is not particularly well known in Spain, despite being one of Square Enix’s longest-lived sagas, due to the fact that the Western launch of most of its deliveries was restricted to the North American market. However, Latest installments and remasters have appeared in Europe, and maybe some of the projects you work on will too Akitoshi Kawazu.

The creator of the saga that started in 1990 with that Final Fantasy Legend for Game Boy (available in our country with the Collection of Saga: Final Fantasy Legend of Switch) passed on December 31 through the social network Twitter to thank the fans for the support to the series during 2021 and to ensure its commitment to SaGa throughout 2022. “I am working hard to bring everyone good news”says Kawazu, as translated by Kotaku, by announcing that you are involved in a remastering, in a remake and in a new installment.

The Japanese developer has not gone into details, has not even clarified if any of those projects will be announced throughout this year or will have to wait more. As reported in the aforementioned North American media, the fans bet on a remaster from Romancing SaGa (its two sequels have been remastered), a remake from SaGa Frontier (in Spain it is launched SaGa Frontier Remastered last year) and for a SaGa Frontier 4 like the new game.

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A SaGa with more than 17 deliveries

There are 17 deliveries of SaGa, a long-standing series that has passed through the Game Boy, Super Nintendo, PlayStation, PS2, PlayStation Vita, mobile phones, smart devices and web browsers. In recent times, Kawazu has a role more oriented to executive tasks at Square Enix, but you remain involved in this intellectual property. His is the idea of Romancing SaGa Re:Universe (released on iOS and Android in Europe in 2020) and participated in the script and design of SaGa: Scarlet Grace (It arrived in Europe in the remastered versions for Switch, PS4, PC and mobile).

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