Thursday, December 8

PlayStation Plus: January 2022 Games Now Available

January games for subscribers of Playstation plus are available now through the PlayStation Store. The news of the month offers a variety of genres. The titles are Persona 5 Strikers for PS4 (backwards compatible with PlayStation 5), Dirt 5 for PS5 and PS4, and Deep Rock Galactic also for both consoles. To them must be added the Spanish title Ion Driver, which continues to be available throughout the month. All can be added to the library until February 1, 2022 at 11:00 CET. Here are the links that add the titles to your account.

Musoucooperative racing and shooting

PlayStation Plus begins the year offering games for varied tastes. Persona 5 Strikers is a title of Action with RPG touches which continues the events narrated in Person 5 (included in the PS Plus collection, by the way), but moving from JRPG to musou, that is, to the massive battles. If you feel attached to Morgana, Makoto, Ryuji and company, don’t let it pass.

Dirt 5 is a driving game focused on the offroad from Codemasters great fun, with well-designed layouts, a variety of vehicles, and a feature that seemed extinct in today’s racing titles: splitscreen multiplayer for four players. Deep Rock Galactic is a shooter cooperative where up to four dwarfs must dig, explore and break through through fully destructible procedurally generated caves filled with resources and fearsome enemies.

As to Ion Driver, it is a racing title for up to four players developed by Gamera Nest. It is focused on driving ability at full speed, without power-ups or other elements that can give advantages despite having a futuristic setting.

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