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OLED switch will arrive in China on January 11, just three months after its world premiere

Although Nintendo released the OLED model of Switch on October 8 in most countries, such as Spain, the chinese market I had not yet received this version of the successful hybrid console. It is common for the hardware video game will be released later in China due to the restrictions of its trading system, in fact the original Nintendo Switch itself did not go on sale there until 2019, two years after its international launch.

However it seems that now things are changing; China is gradually opening up to video games – although that entails little understandable measures related to restrictions on use and censorship of a certain type of character – and the last proof is that the Nintendo Switch OLED will arrive in China on January 11, just three months after its international launch, with the distribution of Tencent.

Has been the well-known analyst Daniel Ahmad | who has shared the information on the arrival of the latest version of Nintendo’s hybrid console to the Chinese market. The analyst himself points out that the little time difference between the launch of the OLED Switch in China and in the rest of the world is an important change in the sale of hardware of videogames in the country. When it reaches the stores it will do so at a price of 2,599 yuan (around 360 euros) and have your own blocked eShop, exclusively for Chinese citizens.

Switch is the fastest selling console in China

The Nintendo Switch OLED price is 500 yuan more expensive than the standard model, but it is still cheaper than PS4 (2899 yuan) and Xbox One (3699 yuan). Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Switch is the fastest selling console in China, according to Ahmad, and is set to be the most successful in the country throughout 2022, the year in which it is expected to oust PS4. Yes, the modelo Lite It is still not reaching the Chinese market despite the fact that it was launched internationally more than two years ago.

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