Friday, September 30

Nintendo shows LEGO Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion in action at launch

LEGO Super Mario: Luigi’s Mansion, the set of interactive toy sets starring Mario’s brother and set in the ghostly-comic universe of video games in Luigi’s Mansion, are already available in the North American market. The Japanese company has published in video where they are shown in action the different products that will be available in Spain on January 14.

As in the LEGO Super Mario sets, these are constructions that replicate scenes and moments from videogames. Throughout the levels there are a kind of QR codes readable by the lower sensor of the figure (both Luigi’s and Mario’s are compatible, both are sold separately in the Initial Pack of each character that costs 60 euros), which interacts with sounds, moving eyes and indicating its status on the chest screen.

There will be three packages in this series. The Entrance of Luigi’s Mansion, of 39.99 euros, in addition to the level that shows a cemetery and the door, contains three figures: Ectochucho, the ghost Ciro and a Boo. In this level the objective is to get the Gold Bone. Laboratories and suckersThe $ 24.99 price includes a Professor Fesor figure, poisonous potions, buildable antidotes, and a toolbox, plus the sucker (Luigi’s vacuum cleaner). The goal is to get coins.

Finally, the largest set is the Haunted game, from 79.99. In it, players will search for gems and fight ghosts. Included are Toad figure (with scared face), Garbage Man, Red Squeezer, and King Boo. As for the level, it is about the main lobby, filled with rotating elements They discover a bedroom, a dining room, a bathroom and even a haunted pool table.

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LEGO Super Mario is extended with ms sets

In addition to the Luigi’s Mansion sets, the January 14 Three more LEGO Super Mario expansion packs are released: Dorrie Coast, Challenge in the Waves against the Great Erincho, Minihelikoopa de Bowsy, to which must be added the character packs 3 and 4.

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