Saturday, December 3

Monkey Island Mysteries Book Announced • Console and Dashboard

The publisher Game Press begins the year with a new project. Under the title Monkey Island Mysteries, presents a book ready to delight fans of the mythical saga.


Monkey Island Mysteries is a hardcover book written by Nicolas Deneschau, which aims to fully explore the popular franchise. Now available for reservation, it will be March 10 when it becomes reality.

Through their 288 pages, we will walk through the ins and outs of all the deliveries, through their curiosities and their unknown anecdotes. Some will be narrated by key figures in development, such as Ron Gilbert, Brian Moriarty, Tim Schafer or Dave Grossman.

The play will also pick up on the rise and fall of LucasArts, the video game company. Larry Ahern, Co-Director of The Curse of Monkey Island and entertainer in Monkey Island 2 Y Full Throttle, takes care of the prologue. Those who choose to reverse it through the publisher’s website will get two bookmarks, a reversible card, four collectible cards and a sheet.

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