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Modder de Final Fantasy VII Remake transforma a Sephiroth en Ronald McDonald | LevelUp

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Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available for PC. This opened the door to a ton of possibilities: from playing it at a massive frame-per-second rate to making mods that enhance the experience. However, we live in a chaotic world in which fate intended that these possibilities lead us to a Sephiroth whose origin is in the fast food industry.

What we mean is that recently Nexus Mods recibió Sephironald. This is a mod that the user known as Crandifff created and uploaded on December 29. As the name implies, this is a modification that turns the supervillain into the number 1 fan of Ronald McDonald.

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What do we mean by this? That mod takes Sephiroth and changes his appearance so that he now has red hair, a white painted face, and clown makeup. He also removes his black clothes to change them for an outfit where red and yellow predominate.

Now, we have to be fair: Sephironald is not a creation of this modder. It is a meme that the community of Final Fantasy has enjoyed it for years. To the degree that there are people who have made cosplay of him. So this mod is more than just a random joke and is a community meme pushed to the max.

Threat or joke?
Threat or joke?

What did you think of this mod? What are the possibilities that you think modders will give us in the future with their creations for Final Fantasy VII Remake? Tell us in the comments.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. You can learn more about this acclaimed game by clicking here.

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