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Mario Party Superstars: 8 Memes The Internet Is Dying For

Mario Superstars has been a hit with fans since its release in October, and they’ve created hilarious memes about the trials and tribulations they face.

Mario Party Superstars It was released in October just in time for friends and family to enjoy a fun new game over the end of the year holidays. With all the nostalgia the game brings, it’s understandable that it has been a popular pick for fans of video games.

Being as well played as it is, gamers undoubtedly encounter some of the same comic moments, frustrations, and victories over other players and computer rivals. So naturally, some fans have turned those feelings into hilarious memes for everyone. Super stars lovers to enjoy.

“You’re dead to me”

Each Mario Party The player knows that getting a star is an incredible feeling, and in Super stars, it requires even more work and more coins than in the basic format of the game. Therefore, it is even more devastating when someone has the opportunity to steal one.

Emotions can escalate in any game, and when the fight for the stars is especially dire, anyone who threatens to take them is Enemy Number 1, and totally dead to the player from whom they were stolen.

“Very true, Mario Party Superstars”

Some of the funniest little moments are in the behind-the-scenes details of a game. Know Your Meme captured the essence of that by drawing attention to Super stars description of Baby Penguin’s character. It says: “The son of a penguin who lives in a cold place. It’s a baby”.

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While there’s nothing technically inaccurate in that description, it feels like someone who needs to hit a word count in an essay or doesn’t know the definition of a word, so they just rephrase the word without actually defining it. . Either way, it’s a fun in-game Easter egg.

“New game, new me”

The attention span of many video game players is fleeting, especially when so many new games are released throughout the year. Whenever a new version of something comes out, it’s as if the old one never existed.

Super mario party was the most recent edition of Mario Party available until Super stars launch, and fans have loved one of the top ranked Mario Party games on Metacritic. But, all good things must come to an end, and how Toy Story Andy, the fans have a shiny new toy to play with now.

“This is not about her.”

Rosalina’s love is evident with this hilarious post from the superstar herself. The idea of ​​characters using social media to fool each other is amazing and super fun, especially considering Mario’s comment on the post.

However, Know Your Meme is right. Many times, all the attention is on Princess Peach, even though she does not rank higher than Rosalina as one of the Mario the nicest characters in the franchise. Peach is always the one coveted by other characters in the game, so Rosalina has no trouble effortlessly wandering away while caught in a mess.

“Well, yes, but not really.”

There are no friends in Mario Party, and Memedroid was able to translate the feeling of betraying your friend into a great meme with the show’s Pirate Captain. So you want to be a pirate! The often misquoted line of dialogue is a great representation of doing what you have to do to win.

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When a player has a chance to pass Boo Y having the correct amount of coins to steal a star instead of just coins, either is fair game. Just because two people are friends in real life doesn’t mean their stars are off the table, it’s survival of the fittest on the board.

“Bowser wants communism”

There are a plethora of different punishments and events that take place during Super stars, but one that caught @elliotdubyThe funny bone was one in which Bowser decides to take the coins from everyone until everyone has the same amount.

In essence, this is more of a tactic to even the playing field between characters, but when players view it in a more political way, it becomes a kind of comic display of communism within the game. To make it even more fun, Bowser ends by saying, “No one can say that I didn’t make the world a better place, right?”

“I’m you, but better”

Many Mario Party veterans have joked that Mario Party: the 100 best Y Super stars are essentially the same concept, but Super stars Applying that concept is best done in many ways.

The two games are compilations of “best of” boards, the best minigames available to play, and the best characters. Super stars has received much praise for its content, while Top 100 received less than positive reviews. In fact, Top 100 has a MetaScore of only 59 and a User Score of 6.4, while Super stars Score at 80 with a user score of 8.5.

“Stickers are the best and the worst”

Stickers have been a new addition to the Mario Party scene, and gamers are noticing some very quirky character designs, specifically when it comes to Yoshi. Players can yell out various different messages to each other throughout the game using a bunch of different stickers.

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For the most part, they’re a lot of fun, but the sticker the creators used for the “What?” The sticker for Yoshi looks a bit NSFW to most and no one wants to see Yoshi like this. What @ Cosmo54 said, they are the best, but also the worst.

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