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Jabra Elite 4 Active Sports Headphones Have Enhanced ANC and Features

The Jabra Elite 4 Active sports headphones are an upgraded version of the Jabra Elite 3. They are more expensive but have more features like ANC.

Jabra announces the Elite 4 Active as its newest pair of wireless headphones, with enhanced ANC and other features. Jabra is one of the big names in the audio segment, and while the Danish manufacturer is best known for its headphones, its product line goes further. Their line also includes speakers, headphones and video conferencing devices. Jabra sells its products in various markets, including Europe and North America.

Active noise cancellation is a sought-after feature in headphones these days, and it can be a deal breaker for those looking to purchase a new listening device. So it’s no wonder that many headphones are launching with this feature as their main selling point. However, not all headphones are made equal, and the active noise cancellation feature on one device may be superior or inferior to another.

The Jabra Elite 4 Active arrive just a few months after the Jabra Elite 3 earbuds were announced. Comparing the two, it’s fair to call the Elite 4 Active something of a pro model for the Elite 3. The new earbuds have a stemless design and neither they have wings. But nevertheless, Jabra promises that headphones are comfortable and have a secure fit. While many headsets have touch controls, the Elite 4 Active settle for physical buttons, as Jabra claims they offer greater precision and control. Each earbud has a 6mm driver and weighs 5 grams. They also have pressure relief in the ear and an IP57 rating for protection against dust and water / sweat.

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A quieter workout

The Elite 4 Active are sports headphones, and for those who work out in a gym and want to block out noise, having noise cancellation is a great addition. There are four microphones on each earbud that filter out external noise to help users stay in the zone when exercising. Owners can also configure the headphones to allow external sounds like traffic. Jabra calls it HearThrough, but it’s no different from the transparency mode on some headphones. Jabra has also designed the earbuds for individual use. This allows them to be used as a hands-free device when driving. The Elite 4 Active headphones have a battery life of seven hours, and that goes up to 28 hours with the case. There is support for fast charging, as a 10 minute charge will provide an hour of listening time.

The case charges via a USB-C port and the earbuds are Google Fast Pair compatible allowing instant pairing with Android devices. They have Alexa built in, but they also work with Siri and Google Assistant. Additionally, the headphones have a companion app called Jabra Sound + where owners can customize the equalizer. Jabra has priced the Elite 4 Active at £ 120, and they are available in black, navy and mint. The headphones are not yet available for purchase in the United States, but when they launch, they should be priced at $ 120 since the Jabra The Elite 3 headphones are the same price in the UK and US.

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