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It Takes Two, GOTY of 2021, broke a new record for players on Steam | Levelup

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It Takes Two It is proof that video games made with a lot of love can reach the masses and win the hearts of thousands of players. After surpassing 2 million units sold within months of its launch, this cooperative experience developed by Hazelight Studios achieved an impressive new record of players this week.

According to data from SteamDB (via PCGamesN), It Takes Two saw a rebound in popularity in recent days and on January 2, 2022, it reached a new personal record of 24,402 simultaneous players on Steam. That same day, the Friend’s Pass, which allows you to play for free with someone who bought the game, reached a peak of 11,834 concurrent users.

Image via Steam DB

By adding both figures, we can see that It Takes Two reached an impressive peak of 36,236 simultaneous players on January 2. We must remember that, near its launch in March of last year, the game reached a total of 37,349 concurrent users by combining the data of the people who bought the game and those who used the free pass.

Why did It Takes Two see a second wave of popularity?

Everything seems to indicate that Steam’s recent winter offers boosted the popularity of the cooperative video game in recent weeks. Likewise, his performance at The Game Awards 2021, a ceremony in which he won the Game of the Year award, also had to do with the upturn in players.

Finally, It Takes Two managed to climb the Steam bestseller list and is currently only behind Ready or Not Y Project Zomboid. Without a doubt, this is an impressive achievement for a game that debuted almost 10 months ago.

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It Takes Two is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Find more information about this interesting cooperative title by clicking here.

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