Friday, November 25

Is beautiful! TRIANGLE STRATEGY Cover Reveal | Levelup

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RPG? Tactical? With 2.5D art style? It seems like a winning combination and boy is that the expectation for TRIANGLE STRATEGY, a game from Artdink and Square Enix that will debut on March 4 on Switch. What has been seen so far captivated the players, especially those who were amazed with OCTOPATH TRAVELER And part of the charm will start with the cover itself that has already been presented and is beautiful.

Here is the official cover of TRIANGLE STRATEGY

Through a publication on the official account of TRIANGLE STRATEGY On Twitter, the development team presented the cover of this installment for Nintendo Switch. As you can expect, the cover honors the art style of the game and is capable of evoking a feeling of melancholy, but also exciting for what is shaping up to be a great adventure that will combine traditional RPG elements with tactical combat.

According to information from Artdink and Square Enix, TRIANGLE STRATEGY It will have many endings and will last for dozens of hours, elements that undoubtedly attract the attention of every fan of this type of game, in addition to its launch on Switch is craving thanks to the portability of the console and its ability to have these great adventures for take and enjoy everywhere.

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